Create your own magazine in just a few minutes!

create magazine

From now on you can benefit from templates when creating magazines from scratch. In magazine creation wizard you will find a section named “Template”. Currently, there are only two templates to choose from (see the illustration below), but the new ones will be added soon. So, here is how you can create your own magazine with Joomag’s templates.

create your own magazine

The magazine created from a template inherits its structure. If you edit the magazine and click on layers button on the right you will find out that the cover page has 3 layers:  the background layer, where the  main image resides, the box layer, where the orange box resides, and the text layer which contains the magazine title and the short copyright message at the bottom (see the illustration below). Note that the background layer is locked by default, so for replacing the image you should first unlock it by clicking on the lock icon next to the layer name. Almost the same structure applies for the inner pages, but they have 5 layers instead.

create your own magazine create your own magazine

So if you don’t know where to start from or simply don’t have enough time to design your own magazine you can go on and start create your own magazine with templates.