How to place an image on 2 pages

Today I’m going to introduce you a step-by-step tutorial on creating a photo album, that has a single large image on both pages, using Joomag’s online editing environment.

Step 1: Create a magazine by pressing “Add New Magazine” button on main page after login or in control panel.

Step 2: Fill magazine info at your will, but give a close attention to picking sizes of magazine.

Let’s discuss picking sizes in details. Sizes in case of creating a photo album are best decided depending on sizes of photos you’re going to use. Assuming your photos are landscapes, choose half of photo’s width as magazine’s width and full height of the photo as magazine’s height. For example if your photos are 1600x1200px choose 800 for width and 1200 for height.

Step 3: Open your newly created magazine in editor by clicking its title in magazine list.

Step 4: Edit the left page of the magazine by picking “Edit Page” from context menu.

Step 5: Open Library in the editor and upload the photos.

Upload photos with the best quality and highest resolution you have. Joomag will display photos based on viewer’s screen resolution so it won’t take long to download them anyway. Also don’t be afraid of using photos with different sizes. Even if sizes of photos are different but aspect ratio is the same, there should be no problem with covering whole magazine space and matching the halves.

Step 6: Choose a picture you want to place from the library and push the “Place” button on top.

Step 7: Zoom out using the drop-down box in the left-lower corner of the editor to have more space for maneuvering.

Zooming out
Zooming out in Joomag’s online editor

Step 8: Place the image by clicking the top-left corner of the page and dragging the pointer down until the bottom line of photo reaches the bottom of the page. Border snapping should make this easy.

Step 9: That’s it! First half of photo is placed! Now let’s save and go to next page (use “Save” button on right-top corner of the editor).

Step 10: Start editing the right page.

Step 11: Open the library and choose the same photo and push “Place”.

Step 12: Place your pointer in top-right corner of the page and move the pointer until the bottom line of photo reaches the bottom of the page.

Note that in case of placing left half of photo the mouse pointer started from top-left corner then went down and right, while in the case of right half your pointer starts from right-top then goes down and left.

Step 13: Save the page!

Voila! If everything has gone well halves of the photo should sharply match each other.

place an image on 2 pages

General tips:

  • When viewing a magazine in different resolutions or in full-screen Joomag always chooses the best size to display. So sizes of the magazine are not as important as their aspect ratio. Choosing the right sizes of the magazine will make editing easier, but won’t affect viewing.
  • Don’t forget to use layers when placing photos one on another or placing text on a photo. This will make the work much easier.