Enriching converted PDF with links

We all use Joomag for sharing or publishing our PDF documents. But when it comes to interactivity there is a little more we want. Enriching the document with links is the first and the easiest step in making the document really interactive and I’m going to show you how…

First of all, we need to have the PDF document converted. To do so just click the “Create from PDF” in the Control Panel, then upload the PDF and return to Magazine list. After the PDF is uploaded, we’ll have to wait a bit to have it converted.

Now when we have the PDF converted to Joomag magazine we can start enriching it.

Open the magazine in editing mode by clicking its name in the Control Panel. Edit the page you want to enrich with links.

As a  magazine created from PDF contains only one object on a page, we can’t select different parts of it to make links. That’s why we’ll use hotspots for links.

Select the Text Tool from the left toolbar in the editor.

text tool

Create a text area where you want to put the link.

Having the text area selected, press the Link icon on the right toolbar of the editor. The link properties window will open.

If we need to have the link go to a URL, select the “URL” radio button and fill the lower text box with the URL.

In some cases when we need the link to navigate to another page of a magazine, select the “Link to inner page” radio button and select the desired page from the drop-down box.

Then click the link button again to close the link properties window.

That’s it, we have the link created. Now we can save the page by clicking the “Save” button on the right toolbar and use the link. Areas that contain hotspots are highlighted when the mouse is being held on them.

For more information check out our knowledgebase article on how to add external links to your publication.

Enrich your documents with many links, the more links in your publication – the easier is the navigation!