Modifying Images after Placing on Page

Often we need to modify sizes of an image we use in the magazine, to fit the page or another object on it. As using photo editing software requires some skills and often such software is simply unavailable on the PC we use, Joomag provides easy means to modify the image sizes.

There are 2 cases of size modification. We either need to crop the image or stretch it. In both cases, first of all, we need to place the image on the page. So just select the image you want to use from the library and place it on the page.

Note that when placing image from the library, size proportions are preserved.

Cropping of the image in Joomag editor is performed by means of “Selection Tool”. Select the “Selection Tool” from the left toolbar of the editor and click the image you want to crop.

When an image is selected little box handles are displayed on its corners and sides. To crop the image simply click one of the boxes and drag the pointer inside the image, leaving the part you want to remove outside of the borders. Release the mouse button to have the image cropped. Cropping can be done from any side of the image.

Using selection tool you can also make the image borders bigger, that won’t affect the image sizes, but can be useful for some alignment tricks.

If we want to have the image stretched we need to use “Free Transform Tool”. So select the tool from the left toolbar of the editor and click the image to select it.

As in case with the Selection tool, use of the “Free Transform Tool” will display the box-handlers on corners and sides of the image.  To stretch the image select and drag one of the boxes until the borders of the image have the size you want. Release the mouse button to have the image stretched.

Note that stretching the image won’t preserve the size proportions, so be careful not to end up with stretched faces or other weird things.

Have fun with editing your images!