Using Joomag’s new Magazine Embedding features

On October the 5th Joomag has added some new options for Magazine Embedding, so let me introduce you to these new options and embedding in general.

To embed a magazine in a website one needs to get it’s embed code and place it in HTML of the website. To do so first go to Joomag Control Panel’s Magazine manager and press the “embed” link on the row of the magazine you want to embed.

Embed Button in Magazine Manager

When you click the “embed” link embedding dialog opens and you need to choose whether you want to embed the full or light version of the magazine.

Magazine embedding

Embedding light version will only put the thumbnail of the magazine in your website with link to the full publication while embedding the full version will put the viewer in the website.

If you choose the light version you’ll be immediately provided with the embed code you need to place on the website.

Magazine embedding

When you choose the full version, the wizard will go to next step where you need to choose some more options.

1) Choosing dimensions of the viewer. Here you’re offered with 3 options.

Either to choose one of most popular predefined embed sizes

Magazine embedding

Or fit the viewer with the window size, if you want the viewer to take all the space of your page

Magazine embedding

Or give your own custom size by selecting the last radio button and filling the textboxes with the height and width in pixels

Magazine embedding

2) Selecting the page which will initially be opened in your website

Magazine embedding

Just choose one of the pages or leave “1” selected if you want to start from the first page.

Press the “Get Embed Code” button to have the embed code generated.

Magazine embedding

Copy the code from the textbox and paste it in HTML of the website where you want the Joomag magazine to be displayed.

For more information check out our knowledgebase article on embedding a magazine in a website, or watch the video tutorial.