Introduction to Multiple object selection and object alignment

On October 2010 editor release Joomag introduced several new features. Here I’m going to discuss 2 of them: a new way of selecting multiple objects and means of aligning the selected objects.

In previous versions of Joomag editor, selection of multiple objects was done by making a rectangular selection. The objects that were in marked area were selected. This had the drawback that sometimes objects that were not intended to be selected were getting selected. (see the picture below, there is no chance to select red and blue ellipses without selecting the yellow one)

This method of selection is still available in Joomag editor, but to provide the ability of selecting only the objects you need, Joomag introduces the new way of selection.

Just press the Shift key and start selecting the objects by clicking on them with your mouse pointer. (see the picture below, we’ve selected 3 ellipses without selecting the yellow rectangle in the center as we’ve selected each ellipse separately)

Now let’s discuss the new aligning functions of Joomag editor.

When you select an object in the editor 6 new buttons are displayed on the top toolbar.

If 2 or more objects are selected, pressing the align buttons will align the objects to each other. You can choose one of the following options:

Left Aligns the objects to the leftmost selected object.

Center Vertical Aligns the center points of the objects along a vertical axis.

Right Aligns the objects to the rightmost selected object.

Top Aligns the objects to the topmost selected object.

Center Horizontal Aligns the center points of the objects along a horizontal axis.

Bottom Aligns the objects to the bottommost selected object.

If only a single object is selected when you press  one of align buttons, the object will be aligned with the page edges or page’s center.