Working With Layers and Arranging Objects in Them

In this tutorial, we are going to show how to use layers. Layers can help you a lot especially when dealing with background images. Let’s have a look at the example of the magazine cover page. Here you can see a background image, the title of the magazine on top and a short annotation at bottom right corner.


Layers’ Panel

Now let’s open Layers’ panel and find out what do we have in there. Layers’ panel is located on the right toolbar of Joomag editor. As you can see we have 3 layers on this page. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Layers' panel

First, the layer named “Text” contains magazine title and the annotation. This layer is marked with Green color. The “eye” icon indicates that the layer is currently visible. Clicking this icon will hide the layer.

Hiding layers can be very useful when you have a lot of objects on your page and don’t want some of them to mess around while you’re working with the rest of them.

Please note that hiding a layer will only hide it in the editor, but it will still be visible in reading mode.

The second layer we have on this page contains the title background, but this layer is of little interest for us now, so let’s proceed to the third one.

Note that the border colors of the selected elements match their respective layer colors they belong to.

The third layer is marked with Blue color and contains the background image. Take a look at the little “lock” icon on it’s row, this indicates that the layer is currently locked. That’s why we can’t select or move the background image. To unlock the layer just click the “lock” icon.

Now let’s assume you want to select the both text frames, but you want to leave the background image untouched. Locking the background image layer can prevent it from moving and selecting. All you need to do is just click the empty box near the “eye” icon, which will trigger a lock icon to appear. OK, now if we make a selection it will not touch the layers we locked.

Now let’s take a look at buttons we have on the bottom of Layers’ panel.

Pressing the + “Plus” button will add a layer. After creating a layer you can assign it a name.

add and delete a layer

Pressing the – “Minus” button will delete currently selected layer.

The “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons are for arranging layers. Higher a layer is in the list, “closer” it is to the reader. Moving the “Text” layer down will affect in moving the title “under” the background box (see the image below).

arrange layers

Arranging objects inside the layer

Arranging layers can be very useful, but it’s not the only way of arranging an object in Joomag editor. Objects can be arranged inside the layer itself. To move an object inside a layer right click on the object you want to move and select one of 4 available options:

“Bring to Front” brings the object to the front of all objects in the layer.

Bring to Front option“Bring Forward” brings the object a single step forward.

Bring Forward option

“Bring Backward” brings the object a single step backward.

Bring Backward option

“Bring to Back” brings the object to the back of all object in the current layer.

Bring to Back option

Hope this tutorial was useful and you’ll feel more confident in using Joomag Editor after reading this.

For more information on working with layers check out our knowledge base articles or watch the video tutorial.