Joomag launches Gold Plan!

Want to learn more about your readers or have different accounts for your employees? Then Gold Plan is for you!

With our advanced analytics, you will be able to retrieve detailed statistics of daily views, page views, unique views, page views per user, most read pages, geo-location of readers, operating systems and browsers.

Daily views

Views per page

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Operating Systems & Browsers

Not less important is the multi-user account feature, which allows creating multiple users for managing a single Joomag account. This is especially useful for corporate accounts, where each employee should have personal access details with different permissions.

Users can be assigned to any of these security groups:

  1. Admins – Admins have full access to the account, except dealing with payment related tasks.
  2. Content Writers – Content Writers can only create, edit and clone magazines.
  3. Editors – Editors have full access to the magazines, including creating, editing, deleting, cloning, publishing and viewing statistics.

Hope you liked our new premium features. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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