The Brand New Online Editor is here!

It has passed a while from our last feature announcement, however we have been working hard to bring you something huge and awesome. Today we’re more than happy to present you our brand-new Professional Online Editor!

We have changed the look and feel of the interface to make it easier to use and optimized for smaller screens. So if you have been experiencing problems with editing your publications using laptops with low resolutions, this issue is resolved now.

One of the major changes was made to the Library. It works faster, looks nicer and is very intuitive. There are two predefined folders now – Resources and Unsorted. The first one will be visible if the magazine was created from a template. There you’ll find all materials used throughout the template, however please note that they cannot be modified as this folder is read only. The Unsorted folder is used for uploading your own files. You may of course create as many folders as you wish and reorganize files using drag-n-drop.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the ability to add multiple photos to the Gallery.  We know you have asked it for a long time, so here it is.

In case you’re looking for your favorite tools and are not able to find them on the left, please be informed that we have grouped some of the tools to make the navigation easier. The shapes and multimedia elements are now grouped into two icons.

Hope you like the new editor and looking forward to your feedbacks.