Time to Click-to-Call

You likely have some marketing tricks that can lead to new subscribers.

Truly dazzling cover design, appealing content, commercial ads, hard copy selling option and search engine optimized magazine.

Seems you have all possible steps to create successful and profitable online magazine to reach new readers.

If you try something new that will for sure increase your chances that someone new will check you out.

Joomag has worked out this step as well.

Proud to introduce our new released Click-to-Call feature , an excellent technique which may give your readers a fast, free and easy means to contact you, to setup web-based communication calling the addressee right from the magazine.

Dear publishers Click-to-Call feature has far more benefits than you might ever expect.

Every potential contact represents a genuine sales opportunity so if you use this feature be sure it will complete your online presence and gives a distinct competitive advantage.

Already eager to know how to set it up? Just click here for detailed info.

Considering the benefits for all involved, Click-to-Call feature is just too valuable to be ignored.

Keep going!

New handy features are coming soon.