Download Statistics Report

download statistics report

All our premium users are lucky to use the “Advanced Analytics” tool which helps understand the share of the audience who prefers mobility. It also provides info about the platforms that are used most, the traffic coming from search engines to inform which one drives more readers.

It is a great chance to learn the geographic areas of the readers, so to be able to decide where to focus more of advertising and marketing efforts.

Publishers while creating and distributing magazines very often are interested in the future of the digital publications, the sales income, wish to know the time how the magazines will grow, and what’s more interesting, however, is discovering how people who are subscribed to their digital magazines are enjoying their experience.



Apart from getting online accurate detailed statistics, you may Download it as well to introduce to either your advertisers or sponsors if needed.

Online and offline statistics report, what else the publisher needs to grow his business and gain more and more readers!

To see how to download the Statistics report please click here.

Be sure that the results in the reports will certainly provide trustfulness and motivate your sponsors and advertisers which will help you better prepare for the future and build a better digital magazine.