Killer Features, Enhancements, and More Come to Joomag!

features and enhancements

You’ve asked and we’ve answered. Joomag’s taken your requests into consideration and added some REALLY cool killer features and enhancements to its platform! Take a look for yourself.

Joomag’s killer features and enhancements for better user experience

The New Stuff:

– Get more detailed statistics about your sold publications. On the “Sales Statistics” page, you can now see all your sold subscriptions, their prices, platforms, and profit information!

– New “Undo-Redo” buttons have been added to the Crater™ Editor toolbar.

– You now have the ability to subscribe to a magazine by clicking on ANY of its interactive elements.

The Improvements:

– The user’s selected subscription period is now visible on checkout pages.

– The default automatic popup that appears in magazines with free subscriptions has been turned off.

– New shortcut key combinations have been added to tooltips, helping you perform actions faster.

– A brand new “Panning mode” has been added to the Crater™ Editor magazine viewer!

The Bug Squashes:

– Fixed issue involving users’ storage container info not appearing properly under “Account Settings.”

– Fixed “Upgrade” link issue when users have exceeded their allowed limit of contacts on the Awesome CRM page.

– Fixed issue where special symbols would not appear when setting the titles and descriptions of images in a photo gallery.

– Fixed issue with “Back issues” panel appearing in viewer settings without the “Back Issues” button.

– Fixed page navigation issue where the “page-per-page” viewer mode was not working properly.

– Fixed image clarity issue where images would become blurry after re-sizing them via the transform tool.

– Fixed cloning issue of magazine’s with long HTMLs.

– Fixed issue involving the “next page arrow” unnecessarily appearing on the last viewed page in some cases.

That’s definitely not all. We’re currently in the process of implementing even more nifty new stuff! Sign up now, start creating your awesome online publications and stay tuned to find out what they are.