More New Features, More New Reasons to Get Excited!

new features and improvements

Ready for round 2? Great, because here are some MORE new features and improvements that have come to our platform!

New features:

  • A new Vimeo video popup feature has been added to the Crater™ Editor!
  • We have added a “short direct link” option to the “Share With” screen in the magazine viewer. That way you can distribute your magazines easier and faster.

New Improvements:

  • The “Full Version” button on magazine covers has undergone a redesign!
  • Magazine subscription logic has been changed. New subscription logic is based on date range instead of number of issues.
  • You can now open “My Library” from the “Photo Tool” located on the left toolbar in the Crater™ Editor.

New Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed small QR code issue.
  • Fixed issue with CRM sections not displaying properly for “EDU Class” accounts.
  • Fixed issue where a subscriber wouldn’t disappear from the “Pending Subscribers” list after becoming an active subscriber.
  • Fixed issue where it would become impossible to create coupons after deleting a magazine which has generated 100 of them.

Joomag loves and is proud of every single member of our big and crazy family! So enjoy these new updates and keep on creating killer content. Get started now!