Breaking Down Joomag’s Pricing Plans

Joomag's pricing plans

If there’s one thing we truly appreciate as a company, it’s the variety of publishers permeating the industry today. And because we accommodate every type of publisher, our platform is replete with a variety of plans that each satisfies our two main criteria: affordability and usability.

We want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, so here’s a comprehensive overview of each plan we offer. Based off our data, we’ve also included which types of publishers most frequently use and benefit from each plan.


The ideal plan for novice digital publishers just dipping their toes into the industry.

At no charge, Basic grants access to:

  • The Crater™ Editor: Joomag’s incredibly versatile creation tool that adapts to every publishing style. Users can supercharge their online publications with engaging interactive elements such as video, audio, photo galleries, and plugins.
  • The Awesome CRM™: publishers can manage up to 100 subscribers with the Awesome CRM™, Joomag’s customer relationship management tool, which lets users keep in touch with their subscribers and create their own email marketing campaigns.
  • Embedding: Joomag will generate a simple code for publishers to place their content anywhere on external websites, like social media channels or personal web pages. It’s easy and it’s a great asset for anyone looking to boost their online exposure.
  • Desktop and mobile viewing: readers can view Joomag publications right from their desktop and mobile devices.


For those who believe that hard work pays off, literally! With an emphasis on selling, Starter is a solid choice for publishers ready to start making money from their content.

Starter’s features include:

  • All features offered by the Basic plan plus
  • Selling: Starter members can put their inspiring content on sale via Joomag’s platform. They can sell individual issues, subscriptions, and even hard copy versions for readers to enjoy. It’s simple, too, and done by setting a price and letting us handle all payment processes and delivery methods.
  • 200 subscribers: more subscribers = more fans = more people to manage than Basic.
  • PDF exporting: any publication created from the Crater™ Editor can be exported to PDF format for printing.
  • SEO optimization: Starter users can optimize keywords and phrases from their publications and get their content to appear higher up on search engine results pages.


Pro users enjoy a suite of exhaustive features centered on branding and performance tracking. Publishers and businesses alike depend on this plan to kick their marketing strategies up a notch.

Going Pro nets publishers:

  • All features offered by the Starter plan plus
  • Access to complete analytics: they’re comprehensive and they’re exactly what Pro members use to improve their publications. Joomag’s inclusive tracking analytics let publishers gain insight into valuable data such as page views, average session durations, traffic sources, and much more.
  • 500 subscribers
  • Basic branding: a defining aspect of many businesses is their logo. To help foster their company’s identity and promote their businesses, Pro publishers can include their logos in the magazine viewer.
  • Viewer customization: custom magazine viewing modes, themes, backgrounds, and the ability to adjust logo transparency– all are available to Pro members.
  • Ad-free viewer: Pro users can remove any ads from the magazine viewer and let viewers focus exclusively on their content.
  • Custom mobile versions: publications can be optimized for all major desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring all audiences are covered.
  • Privacy sharing: all of Joomag’s privacy options are available to Pro users: password protected, private, link sharing, and public.
  • Discount coupons: custom discount coupons can be generated and then distributed to existing and potential subscribers.


Branding thrives on great teamwork, and our Business plan is built with this philosophy in mind. With full branding capabilities and an emphasis on multi-user collaboration, Business is essential for companies looking to inflate their market presence and reinforce their brands.

Business comprises:

  • All features offered by the Pro plan plus
  • 1-5 users: great minds thinking alike, working under the same account, and creating exceptional online publications—it sounds like a dream, right? It isn’t because it’s possible with Business!
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • Full branding: Business users can include their logos in the magazine viewer, in custom emails, and even on checkout pages.
  • Advanced rights and roles: coordinate and succeed. Administrators can add users under their accounts and grant specific privileges to them.
  • Custom subscribe forms: Business users can create their own subscription forms and determine which fields are mandatory to fill in.
  • Export subscribers: subscribers take a lot of time, hard work, and dedication to gain. That’s exactly why they can be exported anytime.
  • Priority support: our Support team is equipped to handle any questions Business users may have and guarantee they will be answered within 4 hours.


The consummate plan for well-established businesses both big and small. Deep customization and multi-branding functionality are the names of the game when it comes to our Enterprise plan. Designed to maximize efficiency, content reach, and branding by providing the very best tools for serious online publishers dedicated to their craft.

Enterprise members unlock:

  • All features offered by the Business plan plus
  • Unlimited users: Enterprise users believe in the power of unlimited potential and creativity. With this plan, there is no limit to the number of users they can add to an account.
  • Unlimited subscribers: with unlimited users come unlimited subscribers, letting Enterprise users experience the full power of the Awesome CRM™.
  • Multi-branding: multiple publications can be hosted under the same account. Additionally, each one can be branded differently to better appeal to segmented audiences.
  • Single sign-on (SSO): our user authentication service allows publishers to use one set of login credentials to access multiple applications. Useful for increasing productivity as it eliminates re-authentication processes and improves publishing workflow by letting users switch between applications during the same session.
  • 99% uptime guarantee: Joomag takes pride in its SLA (service-level agreement) with its Enterprise publishers. We’re committed and promise that our platform will always be up and running for them.
  • Subscriber analytics: once a subscriber is gained, additional information about them such as their active subscriptions and usage behavior can be gleaned.
  • Dedicated account representative: incredibly well-versed in all things digital publishing, our account representatives are the designated right hands of their clients and armed to the teeth with industry knowledge.
  • Custom mobile apps: they ask, we build. Enterprise users can request custom apps to be built for distribution on the App Store and Google Play. We can also personalize their apps by including their unique logos, further amplifying their brand identities.
  • Extended API: with it, users can handily integrate their own websites or apps with Joomag to streamline how they create and share their publications.

We have to admit—it wasn’t easy coming up with these plans. It took us a LONG time, but in that time we were able to differentiate between the features that did and did not work. And it’s all thanks to you guys—our publishers! It’s because of you that we have these awesome plans, so here’s a big THANK YOU from all of us!

Be picky. Be meticulous. Choose the right plan that satiates your hunger for digital publishing (any one of ours will fill you right up). And if you’re curious about our pricing, you can always refer to our pricing chart.