How to Win More Customers and Close More Real Estate Deals



Navigating the Shift: How Global Trends Are Reshaping Real Estate

Change is coming. Or is it already here? It’s a good question, and one realtors asks themselves from time to time. But one thing’s for sure: “global mega-trends will change the real estate landscape considerably over the next six years and beyond,” says PwC.


While home-buyers are still turning to real estate agents for advice, they’re doing so much later than before. Technology has enabled buyers to find all the information they need to make informed decisions without the initial help of a realtor. Accordingly, they’re more educated about the market than ever before.


To keep pace with customers’ shifting expectations, agencies must adapt and develop the skills they’ll need in tomorrow’s economic climate. With content marketing platforms, for example, they’re able to attract readers, close deals faster, improve the customer experience, and optimize business processes for maximum engagement.

The Role of Content Marketing in Real Estate Success

Today, many agents and larger agencies use content marketing platforms to create top-notch property listings, distribute them to customers and prospects, maintain databases, conduct email campaigns, and generate leads. It’s all done from one platform, and integrating with other content marketing or sales automation platforms adds even more flexibility to an agent's work. Content marketing platforms do what no other platforms can: streamline the customer acquisition and sales processes. With one in place, agents can improve their conversion rates and boost content engagement. Here’s how:

Enhancing Content Engagement in Real Estate

  • 200% increase in average session durations

  • 5x as many page views

  • 40% decrease in bounce rates

Boosting Conversion Rates for Agents

  • 20% improvements in close rates

  • 75% reduction in sales cycles

Learn more about the challenges real estate agents are facing today -- and how content marketing platforms can make their lives a whole lot easier -- in our latest white paper, Real Estate for a Digital Age.


Real Estate for a Digital Age

Showcasing Excellence: Top 5 Real Estate Magazines and Catalogs

Without further ado, here are the winners!

1. JLL - an American professional services and investment management company specializing in real estate.


“We’re here to create rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces around the globe where people can achieve their ambitions. In doing so, we are building a better tomorrow for our clients, our people and our communities.”


2. Century 21 Real Estate LLC - an American real estate agent franchise company founded in 1971.


“When it comes to your home, never settle. Move with the relentless agents of the CENTURY 21® Brand on your side.”

3. Sotheby’s International Realty - a luxury real estate brand founded in 1976 by the Sotheby's Auction House.

Sotheby’s International Realty 

“Your best life begins with a home that inspires you.”

4. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC - an American real estate franchise owned by Realogy with headquarters in Madison, New Jersey.


“Prestige. pedigree. power. the global luxury difference.”


5. RE/MAX, short for " Real Estate Maximums" - an American international real estate company that operates through a franchise system.


"We find homes that fit you."




How are global mega-trends affecting real estate?

They're making buyers more informed and independent, impacting how and when they consult real estate agents.

What benefits do content marketing platforms offer to real estate agents?

They streamline acquisition and sales, enhancing customer experience and engagement, leading to better conversion rates and shorter sales cycles.

How do content marketing platforms improve content engagement and conversion rates in real estate?

They significantly increase session durations and page views while reducing bounce rates and sales cycles, improving close rates.


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