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Online magazines hold one HUGE advantage over their print counterparts: interactivity! By adding interactive video, audio, galleries, hotspot links, and plugins to your publication, you engage readers by letting them do more than simply read your text. Let’s take a look at Joomag’s interactive features. Learn how they can benefit your digital magazines.


Digital Magazine Publishing Tools

Creating digital magazines from PDF

Easily convert your PDF into digital HTML5 magazine. Drag and drop the PDF version of your magazine to Joomag’s platform. Then watch as it converts to a digital flipping HTML5 magazine in mere minutes. After your PDF document is converted to a digital format, you will be able to enhance it by adding interactive elements - audio, video, links to websites or to other pages in your publication.


For more information about converting PDF to online digital magazine check out our Joomag Enhancer Guide.

Pdf upload

Creating digital magazines from a template

No PDF? No worries. Kick-start your online magazine (and creativity) by choosing from 300 beautiful templates. Then add, remove, and edit any content from them. (Check the video tutorial here).

magazine templates

Photos & Slideshows

Combine several photos into slideshows. Upload custom photos to your online magazine, arrange them however you want, and label the titles and descriptions for each. Set the image mode of your gallery and determine how long each photo will show. (Check the video tutorial here).


Upload any MP3 or SoundCloud audio file directly to your online digital magazine. Set the mood for your publications and give readers options by letting them read AND listen to your content.


They’re all the rage and for good reason! Upload YouTube and Vimeo videos by simply copying and pasting their links to your online magazine. And don’t be afraid to upload videos saved onto your computer; Joomag’s platform supports this feature as well!


Interact with your readers directly from your online magazine. How? With Joomag’s unique plugins. The Rating plugin, for example, lets you know how much readers are enjoying your magazine. Are you looking for some live feedback? Use the Feedback Form plugin. Or maybe want to start a conversation with your readers? Then simply place a Shout Box plugin right into your magazine. With the Email Subscribe plugin, your readers can easily subscribe to your publication via their emails. And the “Call Me Back” form plugin lets them leave their phone numbers for you.

Hotspots & Hyperlinks 

Take readers to other websites, external links, and other pages directly from your magazine via hotspots and hyperlinks. Perfect if you have a personal website you want readers to check out or if your magazine includes a table of contents.

interactive plugins

One-Click Updates

Time is valuable, so don’t waste yours by re-uploading your entire online magazine just to make a quick edit. Joomag’s Crater™ Editor lets you add, remove, or delete any pages with a simple panel. To edit the content of any page, simply click “Edit Page,” make your changes, and then hit the “Save Changes” button. It’s that easy.

Flash animation 

Add some visual flair to your digital magazine by uploading your own animated content right to it. 


Choose from over 200 unique shapes to include in your content. Or upload your own to personalize your online magazines further.


Online publishing is easy when you have the interactive tools you need to succeed.


Use Joomag’s and Watch Your Online Magazines Flourish in No Time!


 Examples of Digital Magazine Designs For Your Inspiration

interactive magazine

My French Country home Magazine



MilliOnAir Magazine



Chloe Magazine



Q: What pricing options does Joomag offer for creating digital magazines?

A: Joomag provides a variety of pricing plans tailored to different needs, from basic options for beginners to advanced features for professionals. For detailed information, visit Joomag's pricing page.

Q: Is there support for beginners on how to use Joomag?

A: Yes, Joomag offers award-winning live chat support and personalized technical support to help new users navigate the platform and make the most out of its features.

Q: Can Joomag integrate with other digital marketing tools?

A: Joomag integrates with several digital marketing platforms, enhancing your digital magazine's reach and functionality. For specifics on integration capabilities and requirements, contact Joomag's support or visit here.