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Scouring local dealerships for that perfect car? It’s tough if you’ve never bought one before. After all, the market’s brimming with new models and designs to choose from. Should you buy one now? Or maybe it’s better to lease it instead? That one’s nice, but how many miles does it have?

Car Brochure

So many questions. It's like you're going in circles!


Dealerships can be a pain, from waiting out lengthy sales processes to dealing with management blunders we have no control over. But what if you knew exactly what you wanted before you walked into one? Or better yet, what if you never had to visit your local dealership at all? It sounds impossible on paper, and that's because it kind of is.


For much of the 20th century, car companies needed paper brochures to sell some wheels. Even the best salesmen wouldn’t get very far without them. Having an informative piece of literature in your hand was comforting. It was something you took home after the test drive, something you mulled over as you carefully considered your options. Brochures included key information to help prospective buyers make smart and informed purchasing decisions. In short, they sold the dream.


But times have changed. Those glossy brochures we once knew and loved are slowly fading into the annals of car dealership history. Today, digital brochures have taken center stage.


Why every car brand needs an interactive digital brochure

Print is far from dead though. Although physical brochures were once staples in showrooms across the country, many people still find value in them. They sport a high-quality feel on glossy paper, for example, and the information they include is available in one place. You can even write notes on them, which is pretty handy.


But with technology rapidly evolving across the 21st century, online brochures needed to change too. And they did. Many car brands today have adapted to the shifting digital terrain and transformed their brochures into interactive test drives.


Online car brochures are eco-friendly; every digital brochure you produce helps the environment and reduces waste. That’s important.


What’s the worst car-buying experience you’ve ever had? The Internet’s chock-full of horror stories that’ll keep any prospective car owner up at night. Some dealerships get a bad rep, and in many cases it’s entirely merited. We’re talkin’ rude salespeople, ridiculous markups, fishy car deals, and shoddy math. A digital brochure is a convenient option for anyone who hates dealing with salesmen or the car-buying experience in general (which, unsurprisingly, is a lot of us).


Car enthusiasts have very different dealership experiences than the average consumer as well. Sometimes, they know a lot more about cars than the people who sell them. And things can get pretty awkward when they do.

Car Brochure 

Thankfully, digital brochures can help you avoid situations like these.


Consumers are obsessed with online research. And tech-savvy businesses know they’re looking for information on the Internet first. That’s why more and more brands are incorporating brochures into their digital marketing mix. Some showrooms include touchscreens and tablets to help consumers find the information they need, visualize designs, and build their own models. A digital auto brochure can provide more complete vehicle information and further dynamize the interactive customer experience. And it’s this same experience that drives potential buyers closer to a purchase.

Car Brochure 

A car shopper uses a stationed tablet. Sights like these are becoming increasingly common as more dealerships use technology to enhance the in-store shopping experience.


An interactive brochure means shoppers are conceivably one click away from buying a car via their computers or mobile devices. That’s kind of amazing.


The very best brochures leverage personalized, interactive content to create immersive shopping experiences. Videos, for example, can replace lengthy vehicle descriptions typically crammed into paper brochures. With VR technology gaining traction in many industries (and Millennials being twice as likely to purchase a VR headset than their generational peers), it won’t be too long until virtual brochures supersede virtual tours altogether.


Getting started: create a car brochure by uploading a PDF

Traditional car brochures were hard to make. They were expensive, too. But modern creative content marketing platforms have changed everything.


Online brochure makers, for example, enable car brands to create and distribute interactive content with ease. Just upload a PDF file with preexisting content and convert it into a fully interactive brochure within minutes.

PDF brochure

If the platform you choose allows it, add interactive elements like videos, photos, plugins, and slideshows to boost engagement and spotlight cars in vivid detail.

interactive elements

Ready to create your car brochure? We can help.


Create a car brochure from a template

If you don’t have a PDF file on hand — or if you’re trying to maintain consistency — use a template instead. Auto brochure templates are incredibly easy to work with. Choose one, then add or remove elements from it.

car brochure template

Other important things to consider

    • Branding: a properly branded brochure can work wonders for your business. Include your logo and adjust your brochure’s color scheme. Use branded apps to reach mobile users and offer a connected shopping experience.

    • Distribution: link brochures to your custom domain or embed them on company websites. You can also use short links to share your brochures on social media.

    • Lead generation & management: embed custom lead gen forms into your brochure. It’s a handy feature, and one you should consider if you’re serious about growing your business.

    • Content analytics: once your brochure goes live, you’ll need to know what’s converting and what isn’t. Use analytics to measure and improve your content.

Car brochure examples created with Joomag


Subaru Brochure

car brochure

Nooteboom Brochure


Peugeot Aalborg Brochure

 Digitization has impacted every sector of the automotive industry. And as the latter slowly converges with the tech world, car brands need to get ready. Here’s how they can.


Ride the fast track to success. Create an interactive car brochure with Joomag today.

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FAQ Section

Why prefer digital brochures over print brochures in car shopping?

Digital brochures are eco-friendly, accessible anytime, and offer interactive features like videos and virtual tours, making car shopping more engaging and informative without needing a dealership visit.

How do digital brochures improve the car buying experience?

They provide an immersive shopping experience through high-quality visuals and customization options, empowering consumers with detailed information and a convenient way to explore cars online.

What to consider when creating a digital car brochure?

Focus on branding for consistency, high-quality content for engagement, an intuitive user experience, effective distribution channels, and use analytics for insights on performance and audience preferences.



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