Joomag's New Feedback Tool Supercharges How Target Audiences Engage With Your Content

Joomag Sentiment data and Reader Feedback

Customers want to be heard. And it’s time for brands to listen. Why?


Losing even one can be costly regardless of how many customers a business has.


Asking customers for feedback shows you value their opinions and are willing to go the extra mile to improve their experience. You’re getting them involved, and that’s exactly how to keep them around.


According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25x more expensive than retaining an existing one. 


Joomag recently launched a new feedback tool that’s redefining the role that content plays in customer communication by allowing you to include questions, ratings, and surveys directly into your content. It’s a fully customizable tool that leverages feedback to drive reader engagement directly from content and create reader profiles.


So, what makes your audience tick? Let’s find out together.


Content and Customer Feedback: Why Are Both Necessary?

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”  - Ken Blanchard—renowned author, speaker, management expert, and business consultant

Content is an underrated communication channel. You can use it to maintain strong relationships with your readers, employees, or clients. The big challenge, however, is finding intuitive ways to collect customer feedback directly.


While metrics like page views, average session durations, and click-through rates are important and can provide a 360-degree view of your content’s quality, they’re hard numbers that don’t reflect your readers’ actual opinions, thoughts, and questions.


But don't worry; feedback tools are here to help.   With Joomag's Feedback Tool, You Can:

  • Turn disengaged readers into brand advocates.

  • Engage readers by asking about their needs, interests, challenges, and ideas.

  • Improve your content marketing strategy by identifying what customers do and don’t like about your products.

  • Make readers feel more appreciated and valued, empowering them to take active roles instead of passive ones.

  • Identify new topics of interest to build around your content pipeline.

  • Incorporate positive feedback on websites, promotional campaigns, and social media accounts to build brand reputation.

Great content and actionable feedback pave the way to customer satisfaction.

Both can work wonders for your brand and help shorten the content analytics cycle. You’ll have an easier time focusing on what’s working and what needs improvement.

Introducing Joomag’s New Feedback Tool

Joomag Feedback Tool

It’s no surprise that most of the content saturating the Web is extremely rigid.


People can read it, but there’s no way to engage with it, ask questions, or offer ideas that could help companies earn their trust.

They’re essentially one-way conversations between brands and themselves (exciting, we know).

Features of Joomag’s Feedback Tool: Collecting Direct Reader Feedback and Sentiment

That’s why Joomag began exploring the idea of a feedback tool that encourages two-way conversations between brands and the people who love them.

When we bounced the idea off our customers, they absolutely loved it.


Businesses now have a fast, easy, and user-friendly way to engage readers (and vice versa) from their content with our new feedback tool.

  • While traditional analytics are more concentrated on data, Joomag’s feedback tool allows readers to leave comments and express their opinions on content, products, and services.

  • By asking the right questions, businesses better understand their readers’ preferences.

  • Long surveys and feedback forms are time and energy-drainers. No one wants to deal with them. People are much more likely to leave feedback if it only takes 2-3 clicks.

  • Businesses can view collected information in Joomag’s analytics module, which is recorded in the CRM.


Getting started is easy. Simply choose the following survey style or format best suits your needs: Emojis, Stars, Numbers, Thumbs Up/Down, Yes/No, or Checkboxes.

Joomag Feedback Tool

You can also:

  • Enable the feedback tool by toggling it on or off.

  • Edit the main question that you’ll be asking.

  • Add custom feedback placeholder text.

  • Request readers’ emails or have them set to anonymous.

Readers can leave comments from Joomag’s online viewer without ever leaving it. Customer feedback is also directly integrated with Joomag Analytics (JMA)—adding an extra layer of depth to our proprietary analytics solution.

The Feedback Stats section displays aggregated statistics that help companies better understand how customers feel and think about the content they’re consuming.

The Feedback Comments section shows individual comments so you can engage with each one directly.

Joomag Feedback Tool

As mentioned earlier, Joomag’s feedback tool is fully customizable, which makes targeting your questions easier. Framing questions around your readers’ unique geolocations, industries, challenges, or purchasing motivations is crucial for creating customer profiles that consistently pull high-quality leads and reveal opportunities to improve your content marketing strategy.

The Business Benefits of Joomag’s Feedback Tool

Now that we’ve covered the essentials of our feedback tool, let’s take a look at some practical ways businesses can use it to their advantage.

Internal Communications Teams and HR leaders

  • Get real-time employee feedback to better communicate corporate goals and strategies.
  • Collect feedback on company-wide programs or initiatives and use it to improve them.
  • Create a working environment where team members feel connected and engaged and can freely share ideas.

Sales Teams

  • Provide prospects with an easy way to ask questions or make suggestions within sales proposals and other sales collateral.
  • Get comments or questions from prospects about sales collateral (e.g. decks, one-pagers, videos, etc.)

Marketing Teams

  • Gain critical feedback from customers who are satisfied or dissatisfied with a product/service
  • Understand the content that resonates best with target audiences while optimizing and updating strategic plans accordingly
  • Acquire qualitative insights into marketing activities.

Digital Publishers

  • Evaluate, evolve, and optimize digital content experiences based on intelligent data and information collection.
  • Use feedback to build communities around content, strengthen brand loyalty, and produce more engaging content.


Industries Benefiting from Joomag’s Feedback Tool

Joomag's feedback tool is also widely used by businesses in multiple industries, including Information Technology, Media, Legal, Business services, Financial services, Healthcare, Government, Higher education, nonprofits & NGOs, and Creative agencies.


Simplifying the Feedback Process: The Joomag Advantage

There’s a lot you can learn about your customers by simply asking them. The most effective way to encourage feedback is to make the process as easy as possible. And that’s why we are so excited about the launch of our feedback tool.


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Q: How does Joomag's feedback tool enhance reader engagement?

A; It allows to ask questions, ratings, and surveys directly inside content, making it interactive and engaging for readers.


Q: What types of feedback can be collected with Joomag's tool?

A: Feedback can range from simple emojis and thumbs up/down to more detailed surveys, all customizable to fit your needs.

Q: How does this feedback tool integrate with analytics?

Feedback is directly integrated into Joomag Analytics module, providing deep insights into content performance and reader sentiment.


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