Understanding the Publication Experience Index (PEI) at Joomag

At Joomag, we're always looking for ways to enhance the reading experience. That’s why we've introduced the Publication Experience Index (PEI), a scoring system now visible directly within your dashboard. Each of your publications will have a PEI ranging from 0 to 100%, with higher scores indicating a superior reader-friendly publication. But what does this score mean, and why is it important for your digital publications? Let’s dive in.



What is the Publication Experience Index?

The Publication Experience Index (PEI) is a scoring system developed by Joomag to raise the standard of digital publications. By evaluating key elements that impact the quality of the reading experience, PEI helps publishers, marketing and sales teams, as well as communications leaders understand where their publication stands in terms of accessibility, engagement, and overall presentation.

Key Aspects Evaluated by PEI:

  • Clarity of Title: This element ensures that the title of the publication accurately reflects the content within. A clear and precise title helps readers quickly understand the subject matter and sets accurate expectations, thereby improving user engagement from the outset.

  • Description Quality: A compelling description is crucial as it enhances the visibility and appeal of the publication across various platforms, including search engines and social media. Good descriptions attract readers by succinctly conveying the essence of the content, sparking interest, and encouraging clicks.

  • Adaptability: With a significant portion of digital content consumed on mobile devices, adaptability is key. This aspect involves converting traditional PDF uploads into formats that are mobile-friendly, ensuring that publications are easily readable on any device, which enhances the user experience and broadens the reach of the publication.

  • Navigational Ease: Includes the integration of a well-organized table of contents, which is essential for helping readers navigate through the publication. Good navigation aids in the discovery of content, increases the time spent on the publication, and improves overall user satisfaction.

  • SEO Effectiveness: Optimizing publications for search engine visibility is crucial for discoverability. Effective SEO practices help publications rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for potential readers to find the content through organic search.

  • Article Accessibility: This aspect promotes the optimal presentation of articles in HTML format, ensuring that the content is not only accessible but also engaging and interactive. HTML format enables seamless adaptability to various mobile devices, ensuring optimal responsiveness and user experience.

To help you practically apply these aspects to your publications, we’ve prepared a detailed video tutorial.



Why Does PEI Matter?

A high PEI signifies a publication that is not only accessible and well-adapted across all devices but also optimized for maximum discoverability and designed to deliver the best possible reading experience. This score serves as a benchmark for publishers, guiding them in optimizing their content to enhance accessibility, reader engagement, and visibility. By establishing a minimum standard for digital publications, Joomag aims to foster a journey toward increased reader engagement and satisfaction.

The Impact of PEI on Publication Success

Incorporating PEI into your publication strategy means committing to excellence. It ensures that every piece of content you publish not only reaches your audience but also maximizes reader engagement, encourages return visits, enhances retention, and drives content conversion. These critical metrics are essential for the success of digital publications as they directly influence the overall impact and profitability of your content.

Looking Ahead

PEI is a reflection of your commitment to high-quality digital publishing. We urge all Joomag publishers to aim for high PEI scores by focusing on the essential aspects of publication quality. Enhancing these areas can significantly improve your content’s readability, visibility, and overall reader experience.


We are excited to see how our community leverages PEI to elevate their content and set new standards in digital publishing. Here’s to achieving publication excellence together!





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