Joomag: The New Generation Sales Engagement Platform

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Most businesses today are investing in multiple software applications to manage day-to-day tasks. But at what cost? Although these tools exists for a reason, they’re often unintegrated, which means companies are forced to make the most out of what they have at the expense of efficiency. For sales teams especially, a plethora of tools to stay on top of is anything but easy. And with 50 to 100 different software solutions for every business niche, it’s common for reps to sideline their main goals in the ensuing chaos.


Luckily, sales engagement platforms, or SEPs, are changing the way businesses sell. These platforms scrap the all-too-common “one-size-fits-all” approach to sales stacks. Instead, they’re much more flexible and integrated, helping companies close more sales with less effort. Here’s how.

Sales engagement platforms: what they are and why they matter

Sales engagement platforms support the customer lifecycle and comprise the following four features: content, communications, analytics, and CRM integration. They centralize the sales experience and streamline workflows by uniting different tools on one complete platform. SEPs package together multiple services that work better together; for example, teams can fetch important customer engagement data and inform their sales plans based on customers’ individual needs. You can learn more about sales engagement platforms here.


In small to mid-sized companies where sales and marketing teams share the same room, the sales process is often leaky and disjointed. In situations like these, SEPs can connect with CRM and other partner applications in ways that align with existing workflows and processes. Nifty.


Joomag: A Comprehensive Sales Engagement Platform

Businesses should invest in a digital solution that fulfills the needs of their sales teams. It’s an important first step towards connecting with customers and engaging them effectively.


Joomag smartly delivers interactive content creation tools, communications, and analytics software in a single platform experience, helping business conceptualize their products/services and distribute content across multiple channels. With analytics, companies can gather insights into the combination of values considered most important by customers and model a content framework around it.


With Joomag, businesses can…

1. Create interactive sales and marketing collateral.

Buyers need content to help them make purchasing decisions. But they need interaction, too. With Joomag, content creation is easy. Upload a PDF file, start from scratch, or choose from over 300 templates. Sales people can create different types of publications using Joomag’s platform – presentations, brochures, portfolios, catalogs, photo albums, and more.


Businesses can then add interactive media like video, audio, galleries, and plugins to their content and engage customers in an impactful way. Joomag’s “Call Me Back” plugin, for example, is a simple add-on perfect for uncovering new sales opportunities. Customers viewing a digital brochure can contact sales reps by leaving their phone numbers for them. Businesses attract high-quality leads and can respond to any sales inquiries immediately while customers avoid waiting hours, days, or even weeks before connecting with someone. Everybody wins.


(Read more about content creation with Joomag.)


2. Rollout content in real-time.

Real-time selling will power the sales process of the very near future. Today’s “on-demand” economy has made impatient customers hungry for content that’s fresh, relevant, and on their terms. Website visitor behavior isn’t standing still, and businesses must keep tabs on new buying trends to ensure their services stay relevant in a “right now” market.


Joomag enables sales teams to rollout new content and edit it on the fly. Reps can update their sales collateral by themselves without any backend distractions. A user-friendly interface means doing so is easy, and all changes are reflected on the content once it’s republished (which only requires a simple button press).

3. Deploy content through various channels.

With each passing year, selling continues to become a non-linear process spanning a variety of different channels. And although it’s straightforward for smaller businesses using a single medium, sales is a different story for larger corporations. The latter, who often utilize multiple sales channels, can benefit more from an inclusive approach. Joomag’s multichannel distribution system allows businesses to deploy their sales content via…

  • social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

  • company websites and blogs

  • custom-built Android and iOS apps (App Store and Google Play)

  • shareable links

  • email marketing campaigns

  • all major mobile and desktop devices.

A successful multichannel strategy engages distribution and marketing teams. And while an integrated approach can net more profits for businesses, it can also bring its fair share of extra challenges. To maximize sales, we strongly recommended that sales managers learn the ins and outs of multichannel marketing first.


(Read more about Joomag’s distribution channels.)


4. Measure content performance with analytics.

Most sales leaders have limited access to data that could help them drive more sales and even less data about how their content closes deals. The growing disconnect between sales leaders and their data is a frustrating one; companies are unable to understand how their content influences business outcomes throughout the sales funnel.


Joomag’s complete analytics solution, however, gives companies the data they need to find and fill content gaps. Teams always have access to real-time analytics, including:

  • Geolocations: glean detailed information about customers, like the cities they are residing in.

  • Device information: discover which platforms customers are accessing content from.

  • Traffic sources: analyze different sources that send traffic to content (includes search, referral, and direct traffic metrics alongside email campaign analytics).

  • Content analytics: create value, not noise by leveraging Joomag’s inclusive content analytics, including page views, link clicks, daily views, average session durations, and downloads. Shape content the right way with data-driven insights that paint a clearer picture of different consumer trends. (Read more about Joomag’s analytics.)

5. Integrate CRM tools with other business software.

While many companies already have CRM systems in place, acting as data warehouses for customer relationships, they alone aren’t enough to help salespeople engage with prospects. CRM integrations, on the other hand, are.


Joomag can connect to other CRM solutions-- like Salesforce, Insightly, and Hubspot-- and synchronize customer data across sales stacks. By doing so, businesses can keep track of all information collected from various CRM systems and leverage that information for marketing and sales activities. And the result? Both marketing and sales teams working together in perfect harmony. (Read more about integration options.)


Driving shorter sales cycles while building rapport with prospects isn’t easy, and probably never will be. But intelligent SEPs like Joomag are demystifying the process and helping businesses reach the ultimate goal of more sales. If your business is looking for a comprehensive sales engagement platform, look no further.


Increase Your Sales Engagement the Joomag Way!



What are Joomag's pricing and subscription models?

Joomag typically offers various subscription models to cater to different business needs. These can range from basic free plans with essential features to more advanced plans that include comprehensive analytics, customization options, and integrations. For exact pricing, visit Joomag's pricing page.

How does Joomag integrate with other platforms?

Joomag is known for its robust integration capabilities with popular CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and social media channels to streamline your sales engagement process. It allows for seamless content distribution, lead tracking, and analytics. Check their integrations section for a detailed list.

Are there any success stories or case studies available from companies using Joomag?

Yes, Joomag often features case studies and success stories from various industries showing how businesses have leveraged their platform to boost sales engagement and achieve specific results. These can be a great resource for understanding potential applications and outcomes. Look for a case studies section on their website.