Brand Loyalty: Use Your Publications to Build It!

brand loyalty 

3 Strategies to Increase Brand Loyalty Through Branded Publications 

In digital publishing, branding refers to customizing your publications in ways that promote your overall brand. Some approaches, like having your logo appear in your publication, are simple. But others are more complex; for example, customizing and individualizing emails that will be sent out to your readers.


Why brand your publications? Arguably the most important reason is because it builds trust and loyalty with your customers. Brand loyalty is a customer’s commitment to one brand over another, and it’s all the more reason to develop these qualities.


Once your publication is branded and ready to go, here are 3 ways you can use it to increase brand loyalty:

  1. Rely on analytics, but not too much. Remember that your readers are human! The popularity of tracking analytics, though justified, has also stripped many people and companies of essential human qualities. How many emails in your inbox sound more robotic than human, for example? A LOT, right? To avoid this, use analytics to glean valuable data, personalize your messages for individual readers, and then send them out by creating custom campaigns. Luckily, many digital publishing platforms make this possible (and easy) with CRM tools. Don’t depend on automated messages!

  2. Don’t annoy your readers with excessive promotions and offers because it’s a sure-fire way to lose them in the end. Customers need value, but if you offer them discounts that are too frequent, they’ll get the impression that your publications are lacking in quality. Excessive discounting also has long-term effects, like lessening your readers’ perception of your value as a publisher. When you are offering a sale, make sure it’s for a good reason (and let your readers know, too).

  3. Listen on social media. SearchCRM describes the term “social media listening” as the process of finding out what is being said about a particular product or brand. If you have a social media profile, like Facebook or Twitter, share your publications there. Then watch the comments section closely. What are readers saying about your content? Interact with them and get them to participate. Ask what they like/dislike about your publication or brand. Earn a reputation for quality responsiveness by answering questions whenever they’re asked.

Try these methods the next time you’re promoting your new publication. And let us know on Facebook how it goes!



1. Why is branding important for digital publications?

Branding your publications helps establish a consistent identity for your brand, fostering trust and loyalty among your audience. It sets you apart from competitors and reinforces your brand message, leading to stronger connections with customers.

2. How can analytics be utilized effectively without sacrificing human connection?

While analytics provide valuable insights, it's essential not to rely solely on automated messages. Use analytics to understand your audience's preferences and behavior, then personalize your communications accordingly. Incorporate CRM tools to create custom campaigns that resonate with individual readers, maintaining a human touch in your interactions.

3. What strategies should be avoided to prevent alienating readers?

Avoid bombarding readers with excessive promotions and discounts, as this can diminish the perceived value of your publications and lead to reader fatigue. Instead, focus on providing genuine value and meaningful engagement. Additionally, actively listen to feedback on social media platforms, engaging with readers and addressing their concerns to build a positive reputation and foster brand loyalty.