Promoting Your Publications: Are You Using Social Media Correctly?

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Part of being a successful digital publisher is marketing your work effectively. It’s common knowledge that social media sharing can be a tremendous help when doing so. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal websites, and blogs are all great avenues for increasing your content’s exposure.


Simply having your content on social media isn’t enough, however. You also need to combine different marketing strategies. Here are some quick tips on how you can do that!

  • Schedule your publication releases when your audience is most active on social media sites. This helpful infographic shows the optimal times to do so.

  • Generate some buzz several weeks before your publication’s release. Highlight what makes your publication different from others and do something special (like hold a contest with prizes) to further whet your readers’ appetites.

  • Don’t be afraid to start paying to promote your content. A lot of publishers are still under the archaic impression that great content doesn’t need a paid promotion. This is very wrong. Features like promoted tweets and Facebook ad targeting can dramatically boost your publication’s viewability.

  • Use hashtags. Hashtags can carry over across different social media sites. When you follow a pound sign (#) with the title of your publication, you create a clickable link that lets you track all discussion pertaining to your publication. People can also search for and click on hashtags to join the conversation.


Crafting a Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Relying solely on social media for marketing your digital publications isn't enough. By implementing the strategies outlined above and actively engaging in your promotional efforts, you can significantly enhance the success of your digital publishing endeavors. Share your strategies with us; we're eager to learn how you promote your content effectively!



1. Why is timing important when posting content on social media?

Answer: Posting your content when your audience is most active on social media maximizes its visibility and engagement. Optimal posting times can vary by platform, so knowing when your audience is online helps in getting your content seen by more people.

2. How can I generate excitement for my publication before its release?

Answer: Start building anticipation by sharing sneak peeks and unique aspects of your upcoming publication weeks in advance. Hosting contests or special events can also engage your audience and create buzz, making your release more successful.

3. Why should I consider paid promotion for my digital publications?

Answer: While great content is crucial, paid promotion like Facebook ads or promoted tweets can significantly extend your reach beyond your current audience. Investing in targeted ads can enhance your publication's visibility and attract more readers.