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It takes more than a fiery competitive drive to succeed in business. To connect with customers and staff on a deeper, meaningful level, you’ll need strong communication skills too.


That’s because the corporate ecosystem has evolved dramatically. The emergence of email, social media, video chat, and smartphones, for example, has driven entirely new paradigm shifts in the workplace. Whether businesses like it or not, face-to-face communication isn’t happening as often as it used to. As new waves of technology fan the flames of innovation, information can now flow freely throughout all departments, creating more transparent work cultures in the process.


We can all agree that business technology is invaluable. But problems arise when there’s too much of it, or when it’s unintegrated. And communications managers in particular know all too well the chaos that ensues. Systems don’t talk to each other, messages inundate employee inboxes, and communicating with the public becomes a tacked-on afterthought instead of a priority. It’s like staring into a backed-up toilet, and it’s in situations like these where corporate communications platforms swoop in to save the day.


What Is a Corporate Communications Platform (CCP)?


We’re glad you asked. A Corporate Communications Platform, or CCP, is a integrated software system that facilitates internal and external business communications by unifying multiple tools under one roof.


With one in place, businesses can streamline in-house communications while bolstering relations with the media (talk about killing two birds with one stone!). These platforms are the must-have “swiss army knives” of communication, offering a variety of tools for interactive content creation, distribution, and performance tracking.


CCPs build dynamic messaging strategies that fully immerse employees and the public in the brand. Brand values can be distilled into every interactive experience businesses choose to create, including company emails, newsletters, brochures, and advertisements-- basically any form of multimedia content that attracts the eyes of employees or the public.


As you already know, corporate communication comes in two flavors: internal (for employees to explain important policies) and external (directed towards the public to generate sales, publicity, and support branding initiatives). CCPs are indispensable tools for conveying your brand’s true purpose -- its values -- to both parties.


Got it. Is Joomag a corporate communications platform?

Absolutely! Joomag is the award-winning corporate communications platform plugged into more than 500,000 companies today. We’re always looking for new ways to streamline how businesses talk to their employees and the outside world. Here’s how we make it happen:


Key Features of Joomag for Corporate Communication

1. Interactive content creation: have a fresh new idea for that next report, but don't know where to start? Begin by choosing one of Joomag’s 300+ professionally designed templates. Or, if you have a solid foundation already, upload your PDF file to our platform and add some finishing touches to it.


2. Collaboration: sometimes, doing it yourself just isn’t enough, or practical. And when it comes to corporate comms, stakeholders -- both internal and external -- can make day-to-day tasks a lot more complicated than they should be. Time constraints can muddle document control, auditing gets harder to do, and private information can leak into the public arena at any moment.


Keep it under control with Joomag’s collaboration tools. Add multiple users and spectators under your business account. Grant access to specific stakeholders so they can access, review, and approve content. Account owners can also assign unique roles to each added user, alongside various privileges.


3. Distribution: once your content is prepped and ready, connect it with staff or the public. Use Joomag’s embedding feature to place a digital bookshelf on your company website. Share digital newsletters with employees via shortened URLs. Or launch your very own email campaign and track its progress. In most cases, business information is highly confidential and should be shared with appropriate staff. So set unique passwords for important documents, use shared links, share them with anyone you like, or allow specific user access.


4. Branding: in some ways, a business is only as good as its logo. The best ones are sticky-- catching eyes and business. Define your brand culture by adding logos to Joomag’s content viewer, changing its background color, or uploading custom themes that reflect your corporate style and values.


5. Branded apps: with shifting workplace dynamics engendering an era of “office-less” work, keeping teams connected and productive are absolute musts. Do both with Joomag’s branded apps. Our in-house developed Android and iOS apps can be fully customized to tackle every communications challenge. Create a centralized employee hub, keep on-the-go staff in the loop with important company news, or keep big projects rolling with one-click updates.


6. Integration: according to the Institute for Public Relations, the “growing complexity of business in a global era of digitization and speed and the constantly shifting and accelerating demands of stakeholder relationships are forcing a rethink when it comes to the corporate communications and marketing functions.” So what’s the solution?


Integration, of course! Unifying different communications and marketing systems, for example, can remove clutter and help businesses work smarter. Connect Joomag with other popular content creation, CRM, and marketing platforms to streamline how your business communicates with its employees and external stakeholders.


7. Analytics: 98% of the world’s data is stored digitally, so it’s no surprise that big data has worked its way into multiple corporate departments, including communications.


Joomag sports in-built analytics and reporting tools to help organizations meet the needs of employees and stakeholders alike. Email open rates, reader engagement levels, page views, link clicks, traffic insights, geolocations-- use them all and more to fine-tune your internal and external messaging.


Types of content businesses can create with Joomag


Joomag isn’t called the all-in-one platform for nothing. We practically wrote the rulebook for interactive content creation!

With Joomag, communications teams can create:


Digital Presentations: inform employees of any new policies and procedures, help customers and/or the public better understand your corporation’s purpose, pitch new products or ideas, discuss new business strategies with senior management, and review your company’s sales and profits.


Documents: conduct business in engaging and paper-free ways. Create interactive sales and marketing documents, invoices, application forms, data sheets, and technical forms. Collaborate on the same document with the rest of your team.


Online Newsletters: consolidate multiple emails into one newsletter and keep employees in the loop, all the time. Boost click-through rates while breaking down communication silos by sharing information across all departments.


Digital Reports: keep tabs on your business’s overall health with detailed reports. Track commercial ventures with financial statements, for example, or identify weaknesses via a comprehensive SWOT analysis. Invite feedback and lead teams more effectively by knowing what is and isn’t working.


Training guides: add videos to training manuals for a more hands-on, proactive approach to learning. Create employee handbooks so staff members can quickly familiarize themselves with workplace rules and regulations.


Employee review forms: employee reviews are “crucial for helping everyone from new hires to tenured team members improve and grow as professionals, learn how to better serve your organization, and feel motivated toward reaching personal and company-wide objectives,” says Indeed-- a leading job search website. Create all-inclusive employee evaluation forms with Joomag. Embed interactive feedback forms so employees know exactly how to perform at their best.


Plan & Execute Your Corporate Communications with Joomag


Give us your time, not your money. Talk with a certified Joomag consultant and we’ll help your business get its message across the right way. Book a demo here.


Case Studies: Joomag in Action

We believe in the power of communication, which is why major companies like Century 21 and Ernst & Young believe in us. Read their inspirational stories below and see how Joomag always gets the job done.



1. What is a Corporate Communications Platform (CCP), and why is it important for businesses?

A Corporate Communications Platform (CCP) is like a Swiss army knife for communication, bringing all communication tools together in one place. It's crucial for businesses to maintain transparent cultures, connect with employees, and communicate effectively with the public.

2. Is Joomag considered a corporate communications platform?

Yes, Joomag is a top-notch corporate communications platform used by over 500,000 companies globally. It helps create, distribute, and track various digital content types, facilitating collaboration, branding, distribution, and analytics.

3. What key features does Joomag offer for corporate communication?

Joomag provides interactive content creation, collaboration tools, distribution options, branding customization, branded apps, integration capabilities, and analytics tools to enhance corporate communication efforts.