Save Time, Effort, and Money with a Real Estate Flyer!

create real estate flyerIf you’re a realtor, you know three things: every home is unique, every listing is different, and every house is an opportunity to put your best foot forward and show clients what you’re made of.

A well-designed flyer can build trust from the start and make you the go-to source for real estate information. That’s too good of an opportunity to pass up!


Real estate flyers: then and now


A paper flyer is a great way to inform clients of a specific home and its showcasing hours. Agents typically use one when targeting early to mid-stage buyers.


According to SmartDraw, "most real estate flyers follow a pretty standard format: a simple headline, the price and address, a few photos, some descriptive information about the property, and the agent's contact information. This formula may offer a potential buyer the basic information they want, but may not be the most effective way to leverage the power of a real estate flyer.”


Yup, most flyers are pretty basic now. The Internet is where it’s at these days, and more people are turning to it to find homes. Traditional forms of real estate marketing still work, sure, but they’re not as potent as they used to be. You’ll need a digital property flyer to put homes in front of as many eyes as possible..


Getting started: create a real estate flyer by uploading a PDF

Agencies used to hire third-party vendors to design their flyers. Today, any realtor with a creative idea can bring it to life by himself. Content marketing platforms, for example, let agents upload and convert PDF files into fully interactive publications. Just drag and drop a file to your platform of choice and convert it within minutes.

Then add interactive elements like videos, audio files, photo galleries, and plugins to highlight important selling points.

interactive plugins and tools

Start creating your real estate flyer now!


Create a Real Estate Flyer from a template

Most of us didn’t go to design school, and that’s okay! It takes time to design a high-quality flyer. Luckily, online templates are a quick and easy option for realtors looking to make a great impression in as little time as possible. A real estate flyer template contains design elements that can be edited with minimal effort.

real estate flyer template Things to consider when creating your real estate flyer

  • Branding: add logos to your flyer and customize online viewers to showcase homes + your brand.

  • 1-click updates: edit published content in real-time.

  • Distribution: share flyers on social networks, personal websites, and on branded apps.

  • Lead generation: add lead gen pop-ups to flyers, embed email subscription forms, and use comprehensive CRM systems to manage your email list.

  • Hyperlinks: people viewing your flyer might be interested in learning more about specific properties. Use hyperlinks and direct them to your website where they can find more information.

  • Analytics: use content, traffic, and device data to track your content and follow up with leads more effectively.


Here’s how it’s done.


real estate flyer example
real estate flyer example
 Colliers International


Q1: How do digital flyers transform real estate marketing?

A1: Digital flyers mark a significant leap from traditional paper flyers by incorporating interactive features like video tours and clickable galleries. This digital approach broadens the audience reach, engaging potential buyers more effectively by showcasing properties in a lively and interactive manner.

Q2: What are the current methods for realtors to create engaging flyers?

A2: Today, realtors have the tools to create engaging flyers directly. By using digital platforms, they can upload PDFs to be converted into interactive digital flyers, or utilize customizable templates that require no prior design experience. These methods provide a straightforward path to producing professional-looking flyers that stand out.

Q3: Which features should be prioritized in digital real estate flyers for maximum engagement?

A3: To create impactful flyers, realtors should focus on incorporating brand elements for recognition, updating flyer content easily, and ensuring broad distribution across web and social platforms. Adding lead generation tools, such as pop-ups and subscription forms, alongside hyperlinks for further property details, greatly enhances engagement. Leveraging analytics to understand viewer interactions can also guide more effective follow-up strategies.



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