Open New Lines of Communication with Corporate Newsletters

creating corporate newsletters

An internal, or corporate, newsletter rounds up important information about your business in one convenient email. Chances are you’ve opened one (or a hundred) at your job already and found these inside:

  • company updates

  • employee-generated content

  • employee spotlights

  • upcoming events

  • announcements

  • thoughts and insights from the CEO

  • industry-specific news

  • Q&As

The Impact of Engaging Newsletters

A great internal newsletter engages every single employee who reads it. That’s not easy; we spend A LOT of time in our inboxes. So a little creativity can go a long way. If your newsletter isn’t engaging, employees won’t read it.


An employee newsletter is an excellent platform for sharing corporate values and instilling a sense of community in the workplace. They’re also invaluable tools for keeping everyone updated and in the loop. No one’s left scratching their heads when important changes happen. That’s always nice.


How to Create Your Corporate Newsletter

Work with what you have: create a corporate newsletter by uploading a PDF

PDFs rock. They’re easy to create, even easier to read, and their layouts are consistent across every device or software application they’re viewed on.


If you’ve worked hard on your employee newsletter and have its content ready on a PDF file, upload it to a content marketing platform. Add interactive elements and transform your static newsletter into a more engaging and involved viewing experience.

create employee newsletter from PDF

Start Creating Your Corporate Newsletter Now!


Save time: create a corporate newsletter from a template

Sometimes, you’re juggling so many different tasks you’d make a circus clown jealous. We know the feeling.


That’s why templates exist! The Internet’s chock-full of ‘em. But the best ones are found on content marketing platforms. Pick one and make it your own by adding or removing content from it.

corporate newsletter template

Enhancing Your Digital Newsletter with Advanced Features

  • Branding: an internal newsletter, like your brand, is a reflection of your corporate values. Add logos to the former and tell your brand’s story with every newsletter you publish.

  • Branded apps: most employees keep their phones close at hand. Tap into these mobile resources and ensure your workforce can access newsletters anytime, anywhere with a custom branded app.

  • Real-time content updates: sudden organizational changes can throw the best teams off their game. Luckily, content marketing platforms let businesses update and republish newsletters at any time.

  • User management: successful teamwork hinges on great communication and shared thinking. When creating a corporate newsletter, invite different employees to contribute and share their knowledge.

  • Privacy options: employee newsletters contain sensitive company information. Protect yours by choosing an appropriate privacy setting (password protected, link sharing, etc.).

  • CRM: use a trusty CRM to send your newsletter to hundreds or thousands of employees in one click.

  • Analytics: set a baseline for improvement by tracking metrics that answer important questions about your content. How many people are reading your newsletter? What are they clicking on? Where are they reading it from?

We know a thing or two about corporate communications. Enjoy our free white paper, or visit Joomag’s landing page to learn more.


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1. Why is an engaging internal newsletter important for a company?

Answer: An engaging internal newsletter is vital because it captures the attention of employees in a space where they spend a lot of time—their inboxes. Beyond just sharing information, a well-crafted newsletter fosters a sense of community, reinforces corporate values, and ensures everyone is informed about important updates, changes, and events. This communication tool can significantly enhance the workplace culture and employee engagement.

2. How can I quickly create a corporate newsletter if I'm short on time?

Answer: For those pressed for time, utilizing newsletter templates from content marketing platforms is a lifesaver. Templates streamline the creation process, allowing you to easily customize the design with your content, such as company updates, employee spotlights, and upcoming events. This approach saves time without compromising the quality or personalization of your newsletter.

3. What features should I look for to enhance my digital newsletter?

Answer: Look for advanced features that can elevate your newsletter's impact, such as branding elements to align with your corporate identity, branded apps for mobile accessibility, real-time content updates for last-minute changes, user management to facilitate collaboration among employees, privacy options to protect sensitive information, integrated CRM for efficient distribution, and analytics to track engagement and reader behavior. These features can transform your newsletter into a dynamic, interactive communication tool that resonates with your workforce.



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