Benefits of Branding Your Online Magazines

benefits of branding 

Successful digital publishing and content marketing require a great branding strategy. But what is the branding of publications, exactly? It’s creating a name and logo for yourself which identify you and your product. With digital publishing, your personal logo (considered the foundation of many brands), can and should appear in your digital magazines to develop your overall brand. Joomag’s platform is built with this philosophy in mind. Here are the ways of branding your online magazines with Joomag and why you should try each of them.


Branded applications

The App-ocalypse is here! With the advent of mobile apps in the last decade, branding has become a necessity for many digital publishers. Branded apps let you engage potential customers and open up new avenues for increasing your readership. From your app, readers will recognize your brand and come to expect great content from it. That’s why Joomag lets you brand your apps for IOS and Android devices to ensure your publishing reach is all-encompassing.


Viewer customization

Viewer customization is another integral part of magazine branding. When you customize your magazine viewer with Joomag, you promote your brand and give yourself an edge over your competition. To start, you can include your logo in the viewer and have it appear at 2 locations: as your magazine loads and near the top-left corner of the reader. Take it one step further by branding your entire viewer background, too! Remind readers of your brand and earn their loyalty at the same time.

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Branded system messages

Joomag also lets you get creative with custom system messages and emails to send out to your customers. Place text, images, buttons, social media links, and your very own brand logo by dragging-and-dropping them wherever you wish. Set your company email as the sender so readers will recognize your brand from the get-go.


Branded magazine checkout

To truly maximize your branding efforts, take advantage of Joomag’s branded checkout feature. Readers who are purchasing your awesome online magazines will see your logo on their checkout pages! And if you have multiple magazines under your Joomag account and plan on branding each one differently, Joomag’s multi-branding feature will let you do so easily.


Branding your online magazines with Joomag

You may be asking yourself, “so what’s the big payoff for branding?” Well, there are 2. One is to create a unique brand identity that differentiates you from other publishers. The second is to establish brand equity with your readership. Brand equity means there’s more value to your brand than others which sell the same product. Moreover, your publications are valued more by readers. How? It all starts with consistent magazine branding and great content.


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1. Why should I make a branded app for my magazine?

Answer: A branded app puts your magazine right on your readers' phones, helping them easily recognize and trust your content. It's a smart way to grow your audience and keep them coming back for more of your great work.

2. What's the deal with customizing my magazine viewer?

Answer: Customizing your magazine viewer means you can make it look like it's truly yours. You can add your logo and choose colors that match your brand, making your magazine stand out and stick in readers' minds.

3. How do branded messages and checkout help my magazine?

Answer: When your emails and checkout page match your brand, it shows you're professional and consistent. This builds trust with your readers, making them more likely to engage with your content and even make a purchase.