Creating a Successful Paid Digital Magazine

paid digital magazine 

Continuing from “Part I: Creating a Profitable Free Magazines”, here is:

PART II: Creating a Successful Paid Digital Magazine

Maybe providing free digital magazines isn’t for you.

With Joomag, you can also monetize your publications by selling digital subscriptions and single issues. We’ll give you the tools to effectively market your paid magazines so you can profit from them and achieve success.


Below are some best practices on how to market your publication with Joomag!

1. Publish on the Joomag Newsstand

Once you publish a digital magazine to the Joomag Newsstand, over 5 million monthly visitors will be able to find and read it. And if your magazine has mobile support, it will also appear on the Joomag Newsstand app.

2. Embed Your Digital Magazine

You can effectively advertise your magazine on your website by embedding it directly onto the latter. Also, if you’ve set a price for a subscription or issue, your readers can purchase the publication directly from the magazine viewer. And it’s all thanks to the selling features built into our viewer. Here is an example of how it works.

3. Make the magazine available across multiple platforms

It’s no surprise that most people are using multiple devices to access media online. Research shows that one in five people own a smartphone with tablet adoption rates increasing twice as fast as the smartphone. With more and more people owning these devices, chances are that many of them are accessing your publications through them. If your magazine isn’t available on mobile devices when readers try to click on them, they will be disappointed and probably won’t be coming back. *(Mobile support for iOS, Android, and Windows devices is available with ALL Joomag plans).

4. Optimize Your Magazine for Search Engines

Our SEO tool lets you optimize the visibility of your magazine on all major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You decide which keywords and phrases from your publication will appear on these search engines. Read this guide to learn more about SEO and how to optimize your publication for search engines.


Start Creating Your Digital Magazine Now!


5. Manage Your Subscriptions and Publications

It’s no secret that you can sell your magazines with Joomag. However, as your subscriber base grows, it’s important that you learn more about who your subscribers are and what they like. Every Joomag plan comes with the “Awesome CRM,” our easy-to-use subscriber management tool. It’s basically your right hand for gathering important information about your subscribers and magazines. Learn what readers liked most and least about your magazine so you can tweak your content. And the really cool part? No additional software or services are required.


Discover additional features of the Awesome CRM:

  • Import/export subscribers to your Joomag account, organize them into custom lists, and add new subscribers any time.

  • Choose “Send Issue” to send readers, advertisers, or colleagues complimentary subscriptions/issues alongside your publication. Joomag’s advanced delivery infrastructure ensures that any emails or complementary issues you send are not eaten by spam filters.

  • Learn the delivery rates, bounce rates, and click rates of your email campaigns. Gaining insight into these statistics allows you to improve your future campaigns.

  • Once readers subscribe to your publication, they’ll then appear on your subscriber list. You can use customizable subscriber forms and decide which fields, like phone numbers and addresses, will be required to fill out. That way you can get more detailed information about your subscribers.

  • We provide you with pre-designed mailing templates that are easily customizable. Personalize them by including your magazine and creating your own messages. You can also code your own templates and engage in mass mailing campaigns.

What Makes a Successful Magazine?

You’re probably noticing some overlapping themes here with what we discussed in Part I: Creating a Profitable Free Magazine. Magazines are turning towards a more digital future and away from the traditional newsstand. However, the digital magazine market is an entirely different one than print and you cannot use the same distribution strategies for both.


In this modern digital age, your magazine needs to utilize all possible distribution channels to increase its readership. Content should be readily available and discoverable by readers through mediums such as desktops, HTML 5 viewers, native apps, and social media streams. In general, viewers should be able to access the publication through their preferred channel. Ease of access and great content are requisites for a positive user experience and keep readers coming back for more.


Publications are evolving into the digital age and the market for digital publishing is constantly changing. The entire industry was founded to simplify the publishing process and improve user experiences. With new trends always emerging, we stay up-to-date to ensure your magazine is successful. Our team also works hard to provide you with the best tools and latest features so your publications can reach their full potential.


We hope you enjoyed this series! Follow our blog and stay tuned for more informational posts and feature updates. And if you’re already a Joomag publisher, feel free to like, share, and retweet your posts or submit a comment to us on our social media channels. We love hearing from you!


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Q1: How can I effectively market my digital magazine on Joomag?

A: Publishing your magazine on the Joomag Newsstand is a crucial step. With over 5 million monthly visitors, your magazine gains significant exposure. Additionally, ensure mobile support for wider accessibility, as it will appear on the Joomag Newsstand app, reaching even more readers.

Q2: How can I sell subscriptions and single issues of my digital magazine on my own website?

A: Embedding your digital magazine onto your website allows for seamless advertising. Utilize Joomag's built-in selling features, enabling readers to purchase subscriptions or single issues directly from the embedded magazine viewer, thus enhancing user experience and increasing sales potential.

Q3: How can I manage my subscriber base effectively and gather insights for content improvement?

A: Joomag offers an "Awesome CRM" tool with every plan, simplifying subscriber management. Import/export subscribers, organize them into custom lists, and gather valuable feedback to refine your content. With features like customizable subscriber forms and detailed analytics, you can tailor your magazine to meet readers' preferences and ensure continued success.