Is Your Golf Club Marketing Up to Par?


75% of avid Millennial golfers will consider joining a private club in the future • Most Millennials are likely to join at the age of 33 • The top 3 key solutions for golf clubs are flexibility, customization, and non-golfer amenities


That’s some eye-opening data. But where’s it from? Nextgengolf, a Millennial golfer organization, in collaboration with GGA (Global Golf Advisors) published these findings in their recent 2018 study, “The Truth About Millennial Golfers.”


It’s a reassuring outlook. Nearly 80% of Millennial golfers will join a club at some point in the future. But with that many people wanting in, managers will need greater flexibility and personalization to meet the needs of each one. Millennials in particular should be targeted strategically; ideally, when aspirations to join are high and before other commitments kick in.


Content that’s useful and relevant is a very effective way to attract more Millennials to your club. Golf club owners can leverage it to streamline their marketing funnels and reach target audiences on different channels. Content marketing is also an excellent way to earn more members, retain them, and position your brand above the rest.

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Golf Club Marketing

Examples of Successful Golf Club Content Marketing

1. Connecticut State Golf Association


2. Virginia State Golf Association


3. Asquith Golf Club


4. Mount Lawley Golf Club



5. Churchill Park Golf Club


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Why are Millennials interested in joining golf clubs?

Answer: According to a study by Nextgengolf and Global Golf Advisors, 75% of Millennial golfers show a keen interest in joining private clubs in the future, mainly around the age of 33. This interest is driven by the desire for exclusive golfing experiences, social engagement, and access to high-quality facilities and services that private clubs offer.

What do Millennials look for in a golf club?

Answer: Millennials prioritize flexibility, customization, and amenities beyond golf, such as fitness centers, dining, and social events. They seek memberships that can be tailored to their lifestyle and interests, reflecting a broader trend towards personalized services and experiences.

How can golf clubs attract and retain Millennial members?

Answer: Content marketing is a powerful tool for engaging Millennial golfers. By creating relevant and useful content, golf clubs can effectively reach this demographic across various channels, showcasing the unique experiences and personalized services they offer. This strategy not only attracts Millennial members but also helps in retaining them by continually engaging with valuable information and updates.