Free Font Resources

Free Font Resources

Now that you’ve mastered basic typography terminology and you’ve delved into fonts that are beyond serif and sans serif, it’s time to put that knowledge to use. While Joomag’s Crater Editor offers a wide variety of free fonts for your publications, maybe you’re looking for something different. With a Pro plan or higher, you can upload your own fonts! To help you in your search for the perfect typeface, we’ve collected some of our favorite (mostly) free font resources.

Google Fonts

Google has brought together this collection of open source fonts means that you can use them for whatever project you have in mind. It also offers tools to help you pick the right typeface, like showing what languages the typeface is compatible with and offering other fonts to pair it with. If you’re interested in knowing the history of the fonts you choose, you’re in luck; that’s provided as well.

Free Design Resources

As their name implies, Free Design Resources offers more than just free typefaces. However, their font selection is excellent. Knowing the various font types will come in handy here. These free resources are sorted by serif, sans serif, slab serif, script, and display.

Font Squirrel

In addition to its collection of freebie fonts licenced for commercial use, Font Squirrel has a Font Identifier tool that will come in handy for when you see a font out in the wild and want to know what it is. Upload an image, highlight the text you want to identify, and Font Squirrel does the rest!


This site features over 32,000 fonts by over 2,000 designers. If your typeface vocabulary isn’t the strongest, your search isn’t limited to knowing terms like slab serif. Search for typefaces inspired by past, present, and future. Or, look for styles geared towards weddings, birthdays, or other parties.


Looking for a comic inspired typeface but hate Comic Sans? Look no further. Blambot’s fonts are sorted by how they’d be used in a comic; there are dialogue, sound effect, and design fonts. They’re inspired by comics that range from superhero, sci-fi, and fantasy. While not all of Blambot’s fonts are free, both free and pro fonts are clearly labeled.



Q1: Can I upload my own fonts to Joomag's Crater Editor?

A1: Yes, with a Pro plan or higher on Joomag, you have the flexibility to upload your own fonts. This feature allows you to personalize your publications further and use a typeface that perfectly matches your brand or the mood of your content, beyond the extensive variety of free fonts available in the Crater Editor.

Q2: Where can I find unique fonts for my projects?

A2: For unique and mostly free fonts, several resources can be incredibly useful. Google Fonts offers a wide selection of open-source fonts, along with tools for choosing the right typeface. Free Design Resources and Font Squirrel provide extensive collections sorted by type and functionality, including commercial use licenses. FontSpace and Blambot cater to more specific needs, with FontSpace featuring a vast number of fonts by diverse designers and Blambot specializing in comic-inspired typefaces.

Q3: How can I identify a font I've seen and want to use?

A3: If you've spotted a font "in the wild" that you'd love to use, Font Squirrel's Font Identifier tool is your go-to solution. By uploading an image of the text, the tool helps you identify the font, making it easier to find and use in your own digital publications.


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