Joomag’s Content Guidelines

content guidelines Welcome to Joomag’s content guidelines. Our platform lets users publish their online content to the Joomag Newsstand—the premier digital distribution channel connecting over 5 million monthly visitors to awe-inspiring publications. Before doing so, however, there are general guidelines your content must follow. We’ve outlined them below for you.

Please note that Joomag reserves the right to unpublish any content we deem incomplete, problematic, or offensive. Though we may not initially identify these types of content before they are published, content will be unpublished post-launch if we feel they compromise the integrity of our platform and/or network. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Content not marked as “adult

Publications containing adult content must be marked as such before publishing. Once you have marked the content as an adult (by going to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ > ‘MY MAGAZINES’ > ‘EDIT SETTINGS’), you will be able to publish it again.

Copyright violations and other material violating Joomag’s content criteria

Any content including copyright violations or other material infringing upon Joomag’s content criteria will be removed from our newsstand immediately. These are very serious issues, so please take the time to ensure your content meets these quality guidelines. You will be able to publish your content again once the issue is rectified.

Blank pages

Publications will be removed if they contain blank pages. Note that they can be published again once the appropriate changes are made (i.e. removing the blank pages or adding content to them). Pages can be managed individually by navigating to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ > ‘MY MAGAZINES’ > ‘EDIT SETTINGS’ > ‘PAGES.’

Unfinished pages, dummy/placeholder text, or images

We will unpublish any content that includes unfinished pages with dummy texts or images. Fixing this issue by replacing the dummy text with the actual copy will let you publish your content to the newsstand.

Problem with a publication’s description, volume, and/or title

Occasionally, publishers do not provide the correct information for their publication’s description, volume, and/or title. Once the appropriate changes are made, by navigating to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ > ‘MY MAGAZINES’ > ‘EDIT SETTINGS’ > ‘ISSUE INFO,’ the content can be republished.

Incorrect publication category

Publications placed in incorrect categories will also be removed from the newsstand. Users can resolve the issue by going to ‘MY ACCOUNT’ > ‘MY MAGAZINES’ > ‘EDIT SETTINGS’ > ‘ISSUE INFO’ and selecting the correct category.

The publication contains low-resolution images

Some publications include low-resolution images that are indiscernible by viewers. If your publication has been unpublished from the newsstand on this basis, you will need to upload higher-resolution images and publish the content again.

Publication doesn’t contain valuable enough information for readers

Spammed content from which the user repeatedly sends unsolicited messages that do not provide valuable information to readers will be unpublished from the Joomag Newsstand. Note that you will be able to publish it again once the issue is corrected. If you decide to publish your issue without making the necessary changes, your account will be permanently terminated and your publication will become unavailable on our website.


We value each and every one of our newsstand content contributors. It’s because of their hard work and dedication that we strive to uphold a stringent publishing policy that is respectful and fair.


So keep following the rules, keep providing the best content, and keep on publishing with Joomag!



1. What happens if my publication contains adult content and isn't marked accordingly?

Answer: Publications with adult content must be clearly marked as such before publishing. If not properly indicated, Joomag will unpublish the content to maintain the integrity of its platform. You can mark your content as adult in the settings section under 'MY ACCOUNT' > 'MY MAGAZINES' > 'EDIT SETTINGS', and once done, you may republish your content.

2. How does Joomag handle copyright violations or content that doesn't meet its quality guidelines?

Answer: Joomag takes copyright violations and content quality seriously. Any publication found to be in violation will be immediately removed from the newsstand. It's important for publishers to ensure their content meets Joomag's guidelines. Once any issues are rectified, the content can be published again. This process is part of Joomag's commitment to maintaining a reputable and legal digital distribution channel.

3. What should I do if my publication was unpublished due to incorrect information or low-resolution images?

Answer: If your publication is unpublished due to incorrect information (such as publication description, volume, title) or low-resolution images, you'll need to make the appropriate corrections. For textual corrections, navigate to 'MY ACCOUNT' > 'MY MAGAZINES' > 'EDIT SETTINGS' > 'ISSUE INFO'. For image quality improvements, replace low-resolution images with higher-resolution versions. After making these changes, you can republish your content on Joomag's platform.




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