Quick Tips for Creating Newsletters That Don’t Suck


Love them or hate them, newsletters are here to stay. Salesforce’s State of Marketing report revealed that newsletters are most frequently used for email marketing purposes (66%), followed closely by promotional content (54%) and welcome series emails (42%).


For many businesses striving to get their email marketing strategies off the ground, creating that perfect newsletter is usually the first step. Keep these tips in mind when doing so.


Prioritizing Reader Relevance

The subject matter comprising your newsletters will determine if readers will keep opening them. They’ve subscribed to you in order to receive useful information that will help them in some meaningful way. Try requesting feedback from readers to learn more about their needs. Then tailor your newsletter’s content to address their concerns accordingly. It can be tempting to push and sell your product here but resist the urge. Prioritize your subscribers’ needs and dole out helpful content instead.


Enhancing Engagement Through Interactivity

Marketing technology has opened up a world of possibilities for emails, which can and should include interactive photos, videos, surveys, and plugins. Rich interactivity can turn readers into active participants and encourage them to engage with newsletters like never before. That’s quite the superpower, and marketers should leverage it to prepare visually striking email newsletter designs for their subscribers. Packing your message with interactive elements can help it stand out from the pack as well.


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Balancing Design with Message Clarity

You don’t have to be the Ralph Lauren of newsletters. Why? Because an overwhelming (but beautiful) design can mar an otherwise great message. If designing newsletters isn’t exactly your forte, create a single template (or choose one of Joomag’s predesigned templates) and reuse it for all emails. Joomag’s 300+ templates can help you save you time, avoid the hassle of creating new versions for every newsletter iteration, and establish brand consistency. Simply choose one whose design best suits your needs and start adding content to it. Completed templates can then be distributed to subscribers via the Awesome CRM™, whose streamlined interface allows users to plan and execute mass mailing campaigns with ease.the attention it deserves. Learn to write for an online audience, master the techniques above, and start with Joomag today.


Keeping Content Focused

Less is more, folks. We’re living in the Information Age, which means we’re bombarded with new data from all sides. So if subscribers actually take the time to sift through their spam-flooded inboxes and click on your newsletter, you only have 11 seconds to keep them interested. An obnoxiously long newsletter won’t do the trick.Instead, keep it short and to the point. Lengths vary based on the topic and the frequency of distribution, but a general rule of thumb is to consolidate newsletter content into a single page.


Choosing a Comprehensive Solution

Sometimes, we all need a little help. And with a multitude of platforms flooding the market today, it’s easy to find it. But there’s more to it than that. Marketers require a comprehensive solution, like Joomag, that allows them to create and manage their newsletters from start to finish. Joomag’s extensive arsenal includes unique creation options, multiple distribution channels, tracking analytics, list management, and email marketing functionality– all packaged into a centralized online portal.


There’s a science to creating newsletters. The right one will nurture leads, drive traffic, and build customer loyalty at the same time. It’s tricky, but our advice can help you get the ball rolling.


To learn more how to create engaging newsletters and reach new audiences, check out our white paper research "Email Newsletters that People Love".



1. Why should I bother with newsletters, and how do I make sure they're interesting to readers?

Newsletters are a key part of marketing, allowing direct communication with your audience. To keep them interested, focus on their needs, not just pushing your products. Ask for feedback, tailor content to what they want, and provide valuable information rather than constant promotions.

2. How can I make my newsletters more interactive and engaging?

Include interactive elements like videos, surveys, or polls to make your newsletters more exciting for readers. These features encourage participation and make the experience memorable. Use modern tools to create visually appealing designs and add interactive elements to grab attention.

3. What are some practical tips for designing newsletters that are both visually appealing and easy to understand?

Design your newsletters to be clear and easy to read while still looking good. Choose a simple template that reflects your brand and stick with it for consistency. Avoid overwhelming designs that distract from your message. Keep your content focused and concise to respect your readers' time and attention. Platforms like Joomag offer templates and tools to help streamline the design process.