Using Joomag: 16 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

Using Joomag

Viable business models deliver value through innovation. They improve their market position by adding new features to products and generating profit for companies to survive. The platform model in particular is highly scalable, helping companies explore new business ideas while allowing users to create and consume value. To help businesses make the most out of Joomag and drive profitable growth, this post covers 16 important things to know when using its all-in-one platform.


1. Joomag Pricing 

Joomag features 5 pricing plans: Playground, Start, Grow, Scale and Enterprise. Self-publishers and freelancers will feel right at home with Start or Grow plans, while Scale caters more towards small and medium-sized companies. Enterprise accommodates large businesses only. It’s incredibly flexible and can be customized by enterprises to meet their day-to-day needs.


Important note: users can try Start, Grow and Scale - our most popular plan, free of charge for 14 days.

2. Solutions

Joomag’s platform offers integrated solutions for the following 4 sectors: content marketing, corporate communications, sales engagement, and digital publishing. Chances are that if your business needs it, Joomag has it.

3. The Crater™ Editor

Joomag’s flagship Crater™ Editor isn’t your run-of-the-mill creation tool. It’s a unique, award-winning software that allows businesses to deliver high-impact content with interactive media like video, audio, slideshows, and plugins. Users can create, distribute, track, and monetize their online publications from a single platform via all-inclusive content lifecycle management (CLM) tools.

4. PDF Download  

For offline reading on computers and mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets, readers can download PDF versions of publications.

5. Templates

There are exactly 12 different template categories at your disposal: magazine, catalog, brochure, newsletter presentation, portfolio, eBook, newspaper, menu, document, photo album, and user manual. Within each of these categories are additional subsets of templates (over 300) to choose from. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

6. Advanced Analytics 

With content at the heart of many businesses, ensuring it’s useful to consumers is crucial. Turn data into actionable insights with Joomag, whose real-time analytics include page views, average session durations, link clicks, PDF downloads, traffic insights, reader locations, device information, and much more.

7. The Awesome CRM™

Joomag’s customer relationship management (CRM) software tracks important client interactions, helping businesses scale faster by optimizing their marketing and outreach strategies. It’s an invaluable communications tool and features interactive lead generation/management solutions (users can create custom lead gen forms and popups, for example), subscription management options, and email marketing services (more on that below).

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing has continued to generate the highest ROI for marketers over the past decade, and businesses are connecting with their target audiences in more efficient, personalized ways. Joomag’s Awesome CRM™ includes robust email marketing software complete with various testing, automation, and segmentation tools. Users are encouraged to create personalized, 1:1 interactions that drive more engagement and increase customer lifetime value.

9. Selling 

Companies looking to diversify their income streams can sell digital publications with Joomag. Doing so is also a great way for businesses to brand themselves as leading authorities in their particular niches. Monetize single issues or subscriptions, enable free or paid subscriptions, offer discounts to loyal customers, sell content in 24 different currencies, and leverage comprehensive analytics to adjust your sales approach and adapt to changing buyer behaviors.

10. HTML5-Based Magazine Viewer

Like many other companies out there today, we’ve ditched Flash for good. Why? Because HTML5, its de facto replacement and all-around much prettier counterpart, is here. HTML5 is now recognized as the industry standard for display ads. It’s fast, incredibly mobile-friendly, and, heck, it’s even Google’s preferred format. But more importantly, it’s something we’ve integrated into our technology stack to give businesses a more attractive way to present their content. Our HTML5 viewer delivers an exceptional, responsive user experience without requiring additional browser plugins. Readers can view content from their favorite mobile and desktop devices without any hassles or annoying crashes.

11. Distribution

The very best content will fail without the right distribution. And without a solid content distribution strategy in place, businesses are likely to meet the same fate, too. Our multi-channel distribution system offers a reliable way for companies to reach existing customers and multiple market segments. For example, users can…

      • share links to their publications on social media (including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter)

      • embed entire publications on any existing web page or blog and drive more traffic to both

      • host content on any registered custom domain

      • publish their work on the Joomag Newsstand

      • reach out to mobile readers with their very own custom branded apps.

12. Branded Apps

The mobile app ecosystem continues to thrive. With 197 billion app downloads in 2017 alone, businesses are marketing themselves to the masses in new, mobile-friendly ways. Joomag can develop custom branded apps for businesses upon request and distribute them on the App Store and Google Play.

13. Joomag for Education

Joomag offers comprehensive EDU packages for educational institutions around the world. And for good reason; over 10,000 schools, including top universities like Princeton and Stanford, are already onboard. There are currently three educational plans available: EDU Class (free), EDU School, and EDU Campus.

14. Integrations 

Build and utilize the ultimate marketing stack with Joomag, whose open platform is capable of integrating with a variety of other best-in-class services like Marketo, MailChimp, Salesforce, Dropbox and more. Marketers can stay organized and work in tandem with their existing stacks from a single, unified platform.

15. Extra Resources

Get to know us! Subscribe to our official blog, visit the Help Center, watch helpful videos on our YouTube channel, enroll in the Joomag Academy, enlist in our email course, or download our eBook. They’re all absolutely free, too, which means all we need from you is your time!


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Q1: Can I upload my own fonts to Joomag's platform?

A1: Absolutely! With a Pro plan or higher, Joomag enables you to upload your own fonts, allowing for greater customization and brand alignment in your publications. This feature enhances the ability to make your content stand out and truly reflect your unique style or brand identity.

Q2: What solutions does Joomag offer for businesses looking to enhance their digital presence?

A2: Joomag provides integrated solutions across four key sectors: content marketing, corporate communications, sales engagement, and digital publishing. This comprehensive approach ensures that whatever your business's digital needs, Joomag has the tools and functionalities to support and elevate your objectives.

Q3: How does Joomag support content distribution and reader engagement?

A3: Joomag offers a multi-channel distribution system that ensures your content reaches your target audience efficiently. This includes sharing links on social media, embedding publications on websites or blogs, hosting content on custom domains, publishing on the Joomag Newsstand, and reaching mobile users through custom branded apps. Additionally, Joomag's HTML5-based magazine viewer provides an exceptional, responsive user experience across devices, further enhancing reader engagement.