New tool for Hotspot

Great News! New hotspot tool in our Professional Online Editor.

Quite recently we have updated our hotspot tool and made it more easy to use.

Have high quality content on your website and want your readers to link to a specific paragraph or line within a page, hotspot is just the tool you need.

Via our Online Editor you may easily add hotspots to your publication and link them to almost anything.

For detailed info please click here

Use the hotspot tool to navigate your readers to the specified external addresses or the specified pages of the publication.

What’s more if you have YouTube videos you want to add to your publication, Media files like videos, images  or just use any HTML code,  use the hotspot tool to open them in Popups.

Stay with us, new features are coming soon.

Viewer Advanced Customization

Here is another requested feature we have recently released.

Magazine viewer already enhanced with “flat” design and ready to be customized!

Want to hide the thumbnails, the central shadow of the magazine, sharing and information icons or just show the navigation on the toolbar and the logo of you publication?

Just log into your account go to “My account” > “My magazine” click on the “Edit settings” button and from the “Viewer” panel check the boxes you wish.

 Customize the look and feel of the viewer to build up better visual experience.

New Theme Design

Brand new website design, simple user interface and frequently released features.

 What’s next?

Professional team of Joomag spares no effort to catch up with the latest trends in digital world.

Meet our new Theme for the magazine viewer: “flat design” always legible and adaptable.

No traces of drop-shadows, flashy gradients and extraneous textures from the visual design. Everything looks “flat”, rather than beveled, bulged or clickable.

Got attracted? Do not hesitate, just try our new theme on your publication simply changing the background  from the “Viewer” panel.

Flat design, step closer to a new paradigm of digital design, where the functionality and aesthetic are in complete harmony.

Re-upload your PDF

Dear publishers!

It is not a secret that via Joomag you may upload numerous PDF files, successfully embed your publications in your website and share the link to a wider audience.

Found a typo in your publication but not sure how to update your PDF not to lose the URL?

We are hilariously happy to announce about our new “Re-upload PDF” feature.

A feature that allows you to re-upload the already modified PDF without changing the URL of the publication.

For more info how to re-upload the pdf  please click here

Stay tuned to catch up with our upcoming releases!

Templates have arrived to Joomag

Meet Spring with our new colorful magazine templates!

Bright colors, trendy themes, attractive design and fully customizable magazine content structure.


Use  our pre-designed templates to create your interactive digital publications!

Track your shipments


Now we ship to the USA faster than before!

Here at Joomag from now on you will be provided with tracking numbers  for shipments in the USA.

Order hard copies and trace the shipments.


Meet our updated Website

The accurate design of the website is a proof of the credibility and devotion of the company towards its customers.

Our experienced web-designers did their best to create a user-friendly interface and made every effort in highlighting all the strong points of our company.

  • Careful consideration of the aesthetics and overall design
  • Clarity and accuracy of the content  and easy web navigation


  • New interface design, bright colors, informative and well-illustrated
  • Legible and what is more important user-friendly.


Need help? Our support team is ready to assist you, we’re there to help and answer any questions you might have.



Hope the new website will inspire you to be more motivated and help you create more innovative publications.

Join us to keep up with the new trends of digital world!

Unique views for Analytics

Since now you have been able to use our “Advanced Analytics” to understand the share of your audience who prefers mobility, make your search engine marketing smarter, identify which marketing programs are the most helpful and drive your traffic, and find out how popular your magazine is the particular parts of the world.

The chance to know how many views and page views your magazine had seemed really attractive and why not profitable.

What about Unique views, seems appealing isn’t it?

Just log into your account, go to the  magazine you want to track, click on the “Statistics” button of your issue and check the Unique views and Unique pageviews of your publications – that’s it.

From now and on you have a  Unique chance to know the exact number of your readers!


Your satisfaction is a warrant for our success.

Create your publications, track them and enjoy the consequence.


New functionality for animations

A while ago you had difficulties getting the full function of the flash animation.

The magazine loaded and once the reader reached the page the animation was on, it was over.

It is already in the past.

Now you may easily add flash animations to the page you want and make it start on each turn. Nice function, isn’t it?
To get detailed info click here.

Enjoy the process and stay with us to catch up with our upcoming releases!

100,000 Publishers!!!

We have just topped the magic milestone of 100,000 publishers! Thank you all for your support!

Twitter: joomag