Enhanced Shout box plugin

Online digital magazines hence the necessity to provide the interactivity level for your target audience to communicate.

Do not hurry to worry about that! Joomag with strong willingness and constant steps spares no effort to implement handy, interactive plugins and enhances their functionality.

Alongside with our existing plugins like Rating, E-Mail Subscription Form, Feedback From, “Call me back”, Facebook share, we have quite recently enhanced the Shout Box plugin.

Shout box plugin gives you opportunity to get comments from readers about specific product, overall magazine experience or whatever they like.  It means that your visitors will be able to start conversation with you and among themselves directly from your magazine. This plugin is great for learning what readers think about the product advertised in the magazine, or a special article or why not even the magazine itself.

It is the plugin that gives the impression of “feel present” somehow close to live chat system.

Saying Shout box plugin with enhanced functionality we mean it has become more synchronized, publishers are given a chance to delete the comments he/she thinks is not appropriate, while leaving a comment the nickname of the reader is remembered if he/she is logged in and finally the publishers name and the response is shown in bold and italic formats.

New Shout box plugin, enhanced functions and colorful design.

Enrich your publications using the plugins you wish and take full advantage of the convenience of the opportunity to make your readers involved in the discussions to provide their online interactivity.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

New Coupon Wizard

Great news for all Joomag publishers and why not for all the readers as well!

Have number of attractive digital magazines and devoted subscribers but still wish to increase your readers’ interest in your publications.

No worries! Another challenge for Joomag team to work out new way to increase your magazine sales, a kind of marketing mechanism  that all our publishers will only benefit from.

Till today you have been able to deliver your digital magazines embedding on your website, sharing them in different social platforms, selling single issues, subscriptions and hard copies hence  you have successfully caught your readers’ eyes to increase the number of your subscribers.

Happy to announce that new coupon wizard has arrived to Joomag and it means that from now on your readers may be provided online coupons and that you will generate those coupons for your publications yourselves. It is another nice method to entice your online consumers letting them save money on their necessities.

What are the pros of online coupons you may ask?

It gives chance to encourage your readers to obtain online coupons to reach your magazines and it is very easy to implement. They are generated for single issues and subscriptions, and  you are given a wide choice to decide on the amount of the coupon  percentage you plan to provide.

For detailed info how to create for example subscription coupons please click here

Keep on trusting Joomag and we will never let you regret a minute you have joined us!

Create Print-Ready Magazines

 When you create your digital magazine with an expectation to print it later on, then you need to work hard and pay attention up to every minute detail.

The page size and the margins should thoroughly be calculated. The content would better not be cut off or too close to the outer edges.

Happy to announce that we have taken care of this issue as well and quite recently enhanced our Professional Online Editor with another useful option: margins to create print ready magazines without any further difficulties.

A margin is the space that you leave in between the final trim area and the image size area. So while editing your publication via our Online Editor and enriching the content just make use of the margins to create print-ready magazines.

And don’t forget, please, that  your satisfaction is the guarantee of our success!

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Meet our New FB Share Plugin

It is not a secret that Facebook is the best social website with very huge user base.

It provides different ways to engage your readers with social interaction and enables social sharing of your digital publications.

So far you have used Facebook share icon to make your publications shareable in Facebook.

Great to know that now you may also use recently released Facebook share plugin. If you have an attractive content on any page of your magazine, just place the FB plugin and it will definitely catch the eye of all your Facebook users.

It is a wonderful tool to help you drive huge amount of user engagement and traffic to your magazines.


Background Music for the Entire Mag

Alongside with all the existing features, our clients’ wishes are constantly taken into serious consideration.

Continuous music for the entire magazine was one of the most demanded features that our Joomag team has recently released.

Interactive digital magazines, enhanced content, numerous plugins, appealing design and now time has come to set background music for the entire magazine.

To get detailed info click here

We strongly believe that music set throughout the whole magazine will create the right mood among your readers to enjoy your digital publication and increase the productivity of your magazine business.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!


Tooltips on the Links

We are here again and it means we are going to introduce another nice option.

More than 150.000 publishers worldwide are a living proof that Joomag is a service worth trusting. Service that grows noticeably fast and is being enhanced quite constantly.

Joomag, digital publishing service with its awesome professional Online Editor full of all possible tools to create your interactive digital magazines.

As you know we have recently updated the “Link Panel” of our Editor and added a new “Tooltip” option. For detailed info click here

Tooltip is a quick way to provide extended information of the link placed in your publication. Once the reader mouse over the link area a small tooltip will popup with the specified information.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!



Quick Access to your Digital Magazine

Nowadays considering all the pros and cons of magazine industry as a publisher you seek to work out all possible strategies to gain the gratification of your target audience.

If so far creating magazines, choosing the appropriate market to consume and searching the best ways to distribute your product hasn’t been an easy task at all, now you may feel at ease.

It is not a secret that hard copy is really very suitable for direct use and that it is really appealing to acquire favorite printed magazine for longer use.

On the other hand we live in a digitized world where the number of people who use smartphones takes off tremendously fast. For publishers, the mobility of smartphones makes it possible to reach customers without any attachment to a specific location.

QR codes play an important role in this process as they are gaining notability and popularity. They are easy to use, cost effective and versatile.

We are really proud that our service provided helps all the publishers to create not only a fully digital interactive magazines but have hard copies as well. We in our turn spare no effort to help you  make your magazines accessible and reachable to the audience who make use of the smartphones more to get instantly informed by just scanning the QR code.

To get detailed info  click here

So get ready, join Joomag, enable mobile accessibility as from now on you may download QR code of your magazine link and add to your printed magazine for an easy access to a digital version.

Be sure that your readers  benefit having the printed version and using their smartphones for scanning the QR code to have a direct access to a digital version as well.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!


Brochures Have Arrived to Joomag

Joomag features a powerful platform for creating digital interactive content including magazines, e-books, catalogs, reports, brochures and photo albums.

So far our pre-defined templates have been of great help to create your awesome digital magazines.

High time to get acquainted with over twenty pre-defined brochures of appealing covers and thematic design.

Have information, need to prepare a presentation for your work or University, intend to provide detailed info about the company you work but do not want to spend time on thinking about the design, rely on us and use our new pre-defined brochures.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Two more languages for the mag viewer

We are very happy to inform all the readers that our magazine viewer is now available in Czech and Portuguese as well.

This is a splendid chance for all publishers in Czech Republic, Portugal and Brazil to distribute their magazines in their native languages.

Create your magazine, choose your market and make sure that your digital publications will be reachable to all your readers of different nationalities.


Creating a Successful Paid Magazine

Continuing from “Part I: Creating a Profitable Free Magazines”, here is:

PART II: Creating a Successful Paid Magazine

Perhaps providing free magazines isn’t right for you.

At Joomag, you can monetize your publications by selling digital subscriptions and single issues. We provide you with all the best tools to effectively market your magazine, in order to profit and achieve success for your digital magazine.

Below are Joomag’s best practices on how to market your magazine using our features! Continue reading

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