Enhanced Multi-Branding feature

Well-branded publications may positively influence on the readers who make decisions before purchasing.

Dear Platinum users!

Since now you have been able to custom brand your publications using our Mutli-Branding option.

Joomag is very happy to announce that we have enhanced the functionality of that feature.


From now on you may not only add different branding logos for different magazines but link different website URLs for each of your publications as well.

Please click here for detailed info.

Keep calm if you have Platinum package and freely make use of its awesome “Multi-Branding” feature to increase the branding awareness and gain wider audience.

Happy publishing!

Joomag Editor – New Shapes

We pride ourselves on having the best professional Online Editor. An Editor that is being enhanced pretty often with all kinds of handy tools and interactive plugins.

Get ready to meet our new release of shapes that offer a clean-cut style and simplicity!

From now on Joomag Editor comes with an array of built-in shapes, which you can use to create callouts, icons, arrows/doodles, and other shapes of nature, animals. What’s more you may even give color to the shapes you have chosen.

Choose the shape you need, simply draw it on a blank space on the page of your magazine and adjust it to your heart’s content once it is placed in your publication.Happy to announce that you may also upload  your own shapes as SVG files and customize.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Celebrating over 200,000 Publishers!

Dear Joomag Publishers,

We’ve reached an incredible milestone of 200,000 publishers! We are proud to be the preferred publishing choice for all of your publishing needs.

The Joomag team works hard to provide you with the most effective tools with our innovative yet easy-to-use online platform.

With Joomag, you know that you’re in capable and experienced hands as we strive to become the ultimate publishing solution. Checkout our billboard at Times Square, New York!

View our PR release here
Happy Publishing!

SoundCloud in your magazine

Dear All,

Since now you have been able to place in your publications YouTube and Vimeo videos via our Professional Online Editor.

As for the sound it was a hassling process to search for the one you needed, download and then upload to your publications using our Sound tool.

It is already in the past!

We are exceptionally happy to announce that we have enriched our Professional Online Editor with a very useful and handy tool: SoundCloud.

It means you may now easily look for your favorite music in SoundCloud and just enter the the SoundCloud track URL ,that’s it! The music is already in your publication.

To get detailed info please click here

Joomag with great pleasure takes the responsibility to enhance our Online Editor with all kinds of interactive plugins and tools giving chance to make your digital publications more attractive and interactive.

Stay tuned to catch up with our upcoming releases!

Highlight the links

Have time, try to catch up with Joomag!

Feature after feature, on-going service enhancements and frequent releases.

What is this time to make our customers happy?

Digital magazines full of all different informative links & interactive items.

Nice news! All the hotspots and links of your publication from now on can be highlighted on page flipping.

Carefully choose the links and just checking a box highlight them to attract your readers’ attention. To get detailed info please click here

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

We have enhanced Mag Statistics

Great news!

Meet our new enhanced analytics.

New metrics have been added to get a more detailed view of your magazine statistics.

These are the metrics that have been added:

  • “Session” which shows the total number of Sessions within the date range.
  • “Readers” that have had at least one session within the selected date range.
  • “Pages/sessions” it is the average number of pages viewed during a session.
  • “Avg. session duration” which is the period time a reader is actively engaged with your magazine.
        It is also worth mentioning that  calculation algorithms of “Unique Views” & “Unique Pageviews” have also been enhanced, so current metrics may slightly  differ from the previous ones.
        Join our ever growing global family consisting of already over 180K users and fully enjoy the trustful process of working with us.

Flip or Slide on PC

Over the last few years, we’ve begun to read more things on our PCs, smart phones, tablets, and laptops than we ever read in books or printed material.

Nice news for all our readers!

Here at Joomag  so far you have been able to flip the magazines to read online.

Today we have another reading mode to offer and we are sure most of you would really like it.

Dear publishers!

Flip or slide, it’s your choice and you are to decide on the mode you wish your readers to have while reading their favorite magazines on PC.

Let them subscribe the trendy magazines and smoothly slide on their PC to enjoy reading.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Revamped Joomag iOS App

Dear Joomag Publishers – You spoke and We listened!

We are excited to announce the release of our completely redesigned Joomag App.

Version 2.0 offers new features and improvements to the App. The new version is more user-friendly and easy-to-use!

You can effortlessly enjoy thousands of interactive magazines for free, including the ability to access video, audio, and links – All this with just a tap of the finger.

New Functionality includes:

  • An ‘Explore’ section to navigate Popular, Featured, Newly Arrived Magazines.
  • Our new Search feature allows you to search for titles and shift through our Newsstand Categories!
  • Share your favorite magazines online.
  • Save your favorite publications to your Library and read it anytime on your device.
  • Preview all the magazine pages through a grid format and skip to your desired page.
  • % Loading icon displays how far your magazine has loaded.

We hope you enjoy this new app.

To enjoy the new version please visit the Apple App store page.

Photo album templates have arrived

You have already joined Joomag, perfect! What is the next step?

Just be inspired and get started as your choice is really justified.

No need to think of new ideas and search for sources to make up your magazine content.

Our team does everything instead of you.

Alongside with numerous existing pre-designed magazine templates, over twenty brochures, now already a dozen of Photo Album templates are at your disposal.

In the words of Aristotle “Memory is the scribe of the soul.”

Be the creator of unforgettable moments of your life, digitalize them and the photos will forever be engraved in everybodies memories.

Link a Domain to your Magazine

Your growing interest in our product is incredibly noticeable and this is the key reason we constantly release numerous handy plugins, useful features and frequently make innovative changes.

Joomag is a type of platform that provides a great opportunity to make your publications available to a vast majority of audience worldwide just publishing and sharing in different social websites. It is commonly known that sharing in general is enormous and social services offer great convenience.

Nowadays we’ve all become avid social media users, but it’s smart to have a web identity that you may easily control. This was the request our support team has received a lot recently: We wish to show our own domain name in the magazine link!

There was a time when domain name was an expensive thing that only professionals owned. Today Joomag team has gladly made it available for all its loyal customers.

Here at Joomag, from now on getting a domain will be easy, and cheap, just for the price of a few cups of coffee. Appealing, isn’t it?

Once your digital publications are ready to be published and you crave to provide a comfortable way of sharing, get ready to invest to build your personal online brand.

It was always desirable to serve your magazine at a custom domain that you own (example.com). Today it is already in the past.

To get detailed info please click here

So what are the requirements you may ask!

Strong willingness to join Joomag, enthusiasm to create awesome digital publications, an effort to think of your own domain name which is one of the critical aspects to determine your site’s visibility on the world wide web and that’s it!

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!


Twitter: joomag