Gobble Up a Savory Discount!

What’s Joomag thankful for? That’s a great question…

YOU, of course! That’s why, as a token of our appreciation, we’re offering an incredible discount for anyone and everyone planning to upgrade to an annual Gold or Platinum plan.


Starting from November 23, customers who upgrade to a yearly Gold or Platinum plan will save HALF off the regular price. So, instead of paying $49.95/month for Gold, you’ll only pay $24.98! And if you’re looking to take the leap towards Platinum, you’ll only shell out $59.98 instead of the regular $119.95! You’ll get the best of what Joomag has to offer for only half the price. Click here to learn more

Hurry, though, because this mouth-watering, good-as-turkey deal will end on November 25, 2015 at 11:59 pm PST. And the discounts apply exclusively to annual plans.

So pack your bags and board the Joomag Mayflower because we’re taking you on a journey of discounts and digital publishing goodness!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t stuff yourself too much (you’ll need to save some room for this deal).

Slide Your Way To A More Stylish Mag!

We know—sometimes you get tired of the same ol’ page flipping animation that comes with every digital magazine. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new single-page sliding mode animation! With this feature, you’ll add style to your publication and get your readers excited to turn every page.

All you need to do is click on your magazine, go to “Edit Settings,” and then choose “Viewer.” From here you’ll be able to select the new “Page per page” option along with a background. It’s that easy! The new animation is awesome because it lets you focus on and dedicate your energy to one page at a time.


Our Online Editor now has 3 viewer modes to choose from. So don’t be shy and try them out for yourself!

Keeping Up With The Times…

It’s no surprise that the digital publishing industry is constantly changing. Most companies have to overhaul their services just to meet customer demands and standards.

That’s why we here at Joomag are ecstatic to announce that we’ve updated our magazine viewer! It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s attractive, and it’s ready to be used by you!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll get with our new viewer:

  • On the upper-left corner you’ll find the “Pages Overview,” “Fullscreen,” “Share,” “Mute,” and “Info Page” options.
  • The upper-right section of the new viewer contains the “Preview,” Publish,” “Settings,” and “Knowledgebase” icons.



As you can tell, we’ve focused the viewing experience by giving you and readers more space when viewing publications.

And you won’t be bothered by those pesky Related Magazines on the side anymore, too. We got rid of those, so it’s just you and your publication.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made things fun, simple, and innovative JUST FOR YOU!!!

Boo! Look At These Spook-tacular Deals!

It looks like the kids won’t be the only ones getting a big treat this year for Halloween.

Joomag’s helping you fend off those scary high costs of other digital publishing services by offering a once-in-an-(undead) lifetime discount!


It’s really simple: any Plan member can upgrade to our yearly Gold or Platinum Plan and receive an instant 50% discount!

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much you can save:

  • Gold Annual – $24.98/month (instead of the regular $49.95)
  • Platinum Annual – $59.98/month (instead of the regular $119.95)

That’s right; you’ll be saving HALF off the normal price no matter which plan you upgrade to. It’s a bat-crazy deal to die for!

But don’t be a zombie about it! Act fast and get your promotion code before time runs out. The offer is valid until October 30, 2015, 11:59 pm PST and the above pricing applies to purchases of an annual plan only.

And if you ever have any questions about the promotion, don’t be too scared to reach out to us.

Witching you a very Happy (and safe) Halloween!

Depositphotos Joins Joomag!

What’s better than already providing publishers with millions of beautiful images to include in their digital magazines? That’s right: giving them even more!

It was just a week ago when we announced our new partnership with Getty Images. And now we’re excited to tell you that we have another new teammate: Depositphotos.


It’s pretty incredible; Depositphotos has a rich library featuring over 40 million high-quality images which publishers (yup, that means you) can choose to include in their publications. Just when you thought your magazines couldn’t get any more beautiful, right?

And, of course, we always have you in mind. So we’ve made things easy for our publishers. Not only will you be able to buy an image for just $2.95 (one of the most affordable options currently available in the market!!), but the pictures can be searched for and discovered right from our Online Editor. There will be no contracts to sign and the pictures will be low-cost yet very high-quality. You’ll be able to edit them, too, by adding various filters and other effects without ever leaving Joomag’s platform.

So go ahead and try it out for yourself. You’ll see why our new partnership with Depositphotos is nothing but great news for you, us, and the digital publishing industry!

Ura! East Meets West In A Big Way!

What do you get when you combine the premier digital publishing service with the largest native language in Europe? That’s right– we’re proud to announce that Joomag is now available in Russian!

All Russian speakers can now navigate and use Joomag with ease. Creating, distributing, tracking, and making money from publications will be fast, fun, and easy. And it gets better, too, because all prices will be listed in rubles and Russian-speaking customer support will be provided.

russian blog poster

So spread the word to your Russian-speaking friends and family! If they ever want to channel their inner publisher, let them know that Joomag is here to help.

English? Check. German? Check. Spanish? Check. Russian? Check. And we’re just getting started. In an ongoing effort to reach out to the entire world, we here at Joomag will continue to listen to our customers and improve ourselves with your help!

More languages coming soon!

Getty Images Teams Up With Joomag!

Getty Images, the world’s largest photo service, has officially partnered up with Joomag!

The Seattle-based photo company will now be providing us with over 36 million images, both creative (contemporary stock photos, illustrations, archival images) and editorial (worldwide news, sports, entertainment, and archival imagery)!

Even though this is great news for us, you may be wondering what it means for YOU. Well, you’ll now have access to your very own exclusive images after licensing them. This is important because you want your publications to include unique, one-of-a-kind content. Our Online Editor provides publishers (both big and small) with the accessibility they’ll need to use the stunning, exclusive photos in their magazines for a very affordable price.

Your content will have that extra pizzazz that can’t be found anywhere else on the web.

getty images

And it gets even better. Getty Images is integrated directly into our platform, so you won’t be jumping between sites. You also will NOT need an account with Getty Images or sign a separate agreement for acquiring image licenses. All you have to do is go to the Library, search for the image you want, and place it on your magazine to see how it looks. And licensing is made easy with a simple click of a button!

Joomag + Getty Images + you= endless creative possibilities!

With Getty Images’ archive of 36 million pictures and illustrations, how could you not get excited?

Ahora Joomag en Español

The segment of Spanish speakers is very large and one of the fastest-growing one in the world. Joomag as a Customer – Centric service cannot simply ignore this fact.

It is not a secret that Spanish speaking countries consume digital content like nobody else does in the world. Spanish speakers are avid Internet users and demand high-quality publications and content in their own language.

It is not an obstacle for Joomag anymore.

Proud to say that Joomag has over 20 million Newsstand readers each month and they interests go first for us. People do love to read content that solves a problem for them, or that shares valuable experiences or information.

I am more than sure that you are about to guess what the blog is about.

You are right! Joomag, your favourite website, is now in SPANISH!!!


Since January 2015 we have successfully introduced Joomag in German and has managed to gain rich experience and success working with them. German people are pretty pleased and enjoy publishing.

English, German, from now already Spanish… What’s the next?

Keep up with Joomag! New, interesting and useful features are in the air.


El segmento de población hispanohablante es uno de los más grandes y de rápido crecimiento en el mundo. Siendo Joomag un servicio centrado en el cliente, simplemente no podemos ignorar este hecho.

No es un secreto que los países de habla hispana son los que más utilizan las publicaciones digitales en el mundo. Los ávidos usuarios de habla hispana solicitan publicaciones de alta calidad y que el contenido esté en su propio idioma.

Esto ya no es un obstáculo para Joomag.

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que Joomag cuenta con más de 20 millones de lectores mensuales y por eso nuestro objetivo principal son los intereses de nuestros lectores. A la gente le fascina leer artículos que les ayuden a resolver sus problemas o, simplemente, compartir información o experiencias interesantes.

Seguro que ya  ha adivinado de qué se trata este blog.

¡Tiene razón! ¡Hemos lanzado Joomag, su sitio web favorito, en ESPAÑOL!

Desde enero del 2015, hemos introducido Joomag en alemán con gran éxito. Ha resultado una buena experiencia y a los alemanes les encanta publicar en Joomag.

Joomag en inglés, alemán y ahora en español… ¿Cuál será el siguiente?

¡Siga a Joomag! Hay características nuevas, útiles e interesantes en camino.

Order your Android Custom App

This time Joomag is here not only with the announcement about our new released add-on feature but with the special promoting offer as well.

About the offer a little bit later just keep up with me.

All our iOS users have already enjoyed using the native iOS app for offline reading and what’s more have managed to benefit from custom iOS applications for their magazines Joomag provides on demand.

You just order and we realize. Publishing the magazines on the Newsstand of our website and iOS/Android App Newsstands was a real marvel. Above all this, Joomag provided all its customers another nice opportunity to have custom app in App Store as well, which is a real achievement.


Time has come for the news you have been waiting for!!!

Joomag gladly announces that from now on you may order custom app to publish your magazines in Google Play.

Hold on, it is not the end.

We’ll with great pleasure provide 50% discount to the first 50 publishers who order to have CUSTOM APP for Android.

Hurry up, each of you may be the first to profit and promote your magazines on another platform.

The offer is valid till the 30th of September for the first year only.

For more info contact sales@joomag.com

50% More Students

New Education year in the most part of the world, New surprise in Joomag Education World!!!

Guys, we have increased the limit of “Edu Class” students by 50% up to 30 students.

As the key element of education packages is the COLLABORATION feature Joomag encourages all our  enthusiastic teachers to increase their student base to collaborate and propagate the online digital education platform.

edu_school-1Why to choose digital education and why especially Joomag?

  • Collaboration,
  • Multi-User accounts,
  • Customization and personalization,
  • Engagement and interactivity,
  • Lifetime digital publications,
  • Student management system,
  • Branding,
  • HTML5 reader for all mobile devices and tablets,
  • and much more useful features to run an online professional educational account

Each year more and more students/teachers create their online magazines,  organize student assignments, coursework, all possible learning materials and newsletters via Joomag because of the flexibility and convenience it provides.

Education is our best hope for a better future. We do care for each of our Edu users and do our best to introduce more enhanced features and tools to gain trustfulness and gratitude.

Hurry up, 10 more students are waiting fro their turn.

Twitter: joomag