Joomag: More Than A Creation Tool

A checklist for creating a publication looks something like this:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Style

Is there anything missing? Yes. 

Many people creating digital publications often choose platforms for their creation tools and often overlook a key factor needed to run a successful and thriving publication: distribution.  Without controlled distribution, many publishers can find their work going for naught.

Some publishers may want to blame readers with paid subscriptions for freely sharing their content, but they are not the culprits. The blame lies with both the publisher and the platform for not securing the distribution channel for each publication.

Here’s where Joomag provides publishers with a real advantage.


Aside from providing exciting, rich and interactive content, Joomag provides all publishers with a complete publishing cycle that includes distribution. This means that publishers using Joomag can choose the following privacy settings, depending on their plan:

  • Public allows viewing access to anyone looking up the publication online.
  • Unlisted allows anyone with a link viewing access.
  • Password Protected allows only those with a password viewing access.
  • Private allows only the account holder, or those with specific permission, viewing access.

Through Joomag’s “Awesome CRM” feature, publishers having the Platinum Plan can tailor their publications to specific readers to sign up, then view the magazine.  As an extra security precaution, Joomag also sends an access key to all readers with private and paid subscription so they can choose to access a publication from anywhere without having to log in.

In-App Purchase Available


That often becomes the key to earning extra money online.

With a new Joomag App Update, publishers whose subscriptions had to be paid through a browser now have an additional way to earn commission via the iOS App.

With the click of a button, paid online subscribers can now pay through the iOS App. All they need to do is log into their Joomag account and make the purchase. This convenience opens up an entirely new stream for publishers to earn additional commissions on their paid subscriptions.


We say, it’s about time you earn that extra commission on your awesome publication, don’t you?

The new Joomag Newsstand upgrade also includes a push notification option. So, instead of receiving an email when a new issue is available, subscribers now can be alerted by a push notification.

Just set up the app, and you’re on your way.

Download here:

Three New Subscription Options


Publishers looking for flexibility in their subscription choices need look no further than Joomag, where the company today introduced three additional subscription options. Instead of the annual-only subscriptions, Joomag now is catering to various publishing schedules, allowing publishers new avenues to increase revenue streams that also give both them and their readers the flexibility to control their online subscriptions.

Publishers can elect to offer subscriptions for two, three or six months, in addition to annual subscriptions.  Those electing two- month subscriptions must plan on publishing at least six issues, and three- month subscriptions require four issues to be published.  Those publishers with less than four issues would need to carry six-month or annual subscriptions.

Another key benefit to publishers choosing the flexible subscription packages is that they no longer have to create multiple magazines for different subscriptions. Now, they can manage different magazines under one title, thus improving efficiency and saving time.  With today’s announcement, Joomag is stepping up its leadership role.


“Subscription selling in today’s digital marketplace has to offer more flexibility than print,” said Joomag CEO Ruben Vardanyan. “Online readers are looking for these shorter-term commitments, and we’re delighted that we can address their needs as well as provide our publishers with additional options to increase their revenue stream”.

We hear you, “Joomag… Hooray!”

We say, “You are welcome.”


New Page Management Panel

Dear Customers!

Adding/removing pages has been a real hassle. It required successive steps, like leaving your magazine you were editing, going to “My magazine” section of your account, selecting the magazine you wished to add blank pages to. Then in the “Edit Settings” section right from the “Pages” tab it was possible to add pages by clicking the appropriate button to add or remove pages.

Sigh, as it is already in the past!  Now you may add/remove pages right from your Online Editor.

Page Management Panel in the Editor is our next released feature as promised.

postJoomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Joomag in German

Dear all!

When it comes to Internet use, almost everybody has access to it irrespective of nationality.

We have already more than 200.000 publishers  worldwide and we are really proud of each of them.

Their trustfulness and dedication prove that Joomag is a Customer-Centric service and DOES care and think about them always focusing on their needs and habits.

So meet please one of the WOW news of this year.

^C1AFB9C9956828CFA7F19997C6DEE8DD563AD545BF4910F0D0^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrNow Joomag website is available for everyone  in GERMAN language, which means that Joomag will be promoting the information relevant to its German audience both from website and support.

As you see Joomag is not far from being a multilingual website and German version of it is just the living proof.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Enhanced Font Panel

New 2015 Year.

New achievements, new improvements, new releases!!!

While you were enjoying your holidays our professional team of tech engineers spared no effort to work on new releases of new handy features.

Typography can be one of the most creatively rewarding parts of your magazine design and fonts can add a specific value to the user experience. So we are really glad to introduce our first release of 2015.

New Font Panel with Enhanced Features!

pic_1No worries anymore as now managing of the font panel became much easier than before.

From now on you may easily delete the fonts you do not need. What’s more we have increased the number of fonts you may upload: 10 times more than before for each of the premium plans.

We are fairly sure that our new enhanced Font panel will spice up your digital magazines with a wide variety of fonts and styles.

Just stay tuned! New features are in the air.

Enhanced Multi-Branding feature

Well-branded publications may positively influence on the readers who make decisions before purchasing.

Dear Platinum users!

Since now you have been able to custom brand your publications using our Mutli-Branding option.

Joomag is very happy to announce that we have enhanced the functionality of that feature.


From now on you may not only add different branding logos for different magazines but link different website URLs for each of your publications as well.

Please click here for detailed info.

Keep calm if you have Platinum package and freely make use of its awesome “Multi-Branding” feature to increase the branding awareness and gain wider audience.

Happy publishing!

Joomag Editor – New Shapes

We pride ourselves on having the best professional Online Editor. An Editor that is being enhanced pretty often with all kinds of handy tools and interactive plugins.

Get ready to meet our new release of shapes that offer a clean-cut style and simplicity!

From now on Joomag Editor comes with an array of built-in shapes, which you can use to create callouts, icons, arrows/doodles, and other shapes of nature, animals. What’s more you may even give color to the shapes you have chosen.

Choose the shape you need, simply draw it on a blank space on the page of your magazine and adjust it to your heart’s content once it is placed in your publication.Happy to announce that you may also upload  your own shapes as SVG files and customize.

Joomag: Easy, User-Friendly and your Best Choice!

Celebrating over 200,000 Publishers!

Dear Joomag Publishers,

We’ve reached an incredible milestone of 200,000 publishers! We are proud to be the preferred publishing choice for all of your publishing needs.

The Joomag team works hard to provide you with the most effective tools with our innovative yet easy-to-use online platform.

With Joomag, you know that you’re in capable and experienced hands as we strive to become the ultimate publishing solution. Checkout our billboard at Times Square, New York!

View our PR release here
Happy Publishing!

SoundCloud in your magazine

Dear All,

Since now you have been able to place in your publications YouTube and Vimeo videos via our Professional Online Editor.

As for the sound it was a hassling process to search for the one you needed, download and then upload to your publications using our Sound tool.

It is already in the past!

We are exceptionally happy to announce that we have enriched our Professional Online Editor with a very useful and handy tool: SoundCloud.

It means you may now easily look for your favorite music in SoundCloud and just enter the the SoundCloud track URL ,that’s it! The music is already in your publication.

To get detailed info please click here

Joomag with great pleasure takes the responsibility to enhance our Online Editor with all kinds of interactive plugins and tools giving chance to make your digital publications more attractive and interactive.

Stay tuned to catch up with our upcoming releases!

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