Native Android App

Great news!!! Guys we have released our Android native application.
Now you may find us not only in Apple Store but in Google Play as well.

Rush to download the App and access your favorite titles in split seconds. Effortlessly enjoy thousands of interactive magazines for free, ‘Explore’ to navigate Popular, Featured, Newly Arrived Magazines, search for titles and shift through our Newsstand Categories, share your favorite magazines online. Save your favorite publications to your Library and read it anytime on your device.

Preview all the magazine pages through a grid format and skip to your desired page, follow the % load icon to see how far your magazine has loaded.

Android_App_JoomagAnother awesome opportunity available with our App is In – App purchase. Earn extra commission on your your paid subscriptions via the new relaeased Android App.

Impatient to try it out? Download the app from here: 

Once you launch it, just enter your Joomag account details and enjoy!

Import Contacts Easier

Platinum package >  Awesome CRM, one of our best premium tools Joomag provides to ease your job managing your subscribers.

We are here again to announce that from now on all our Platinum users will be importing their xls, xlsx and csv files much easier than before.


Why much more easier than before, because now you may import the list of your subscribers with more customizable column of fields like Phone Number, Birthdate, Region, Zip code and other custom fields. You may even add fields like Height and Weight.

A wide chance of the information you may have about your subscribers and easy way of editing the columns.

Improve your sales and increase your revenue, build trust with your subscribers and get in touch with them via email with a simple click.

Import the list of your subscribers painlessly and enjoy communication with each of them.

We are pretty sure you will say “We LOVE you Joomag!”

Download Statistics Report

All our premium users are lucky to use the “Advanced Analytics” tool which helps understand the share of the audience who prefers mobility. It also provides info about the platforms that are used most, the traffic coming from search engines to inform which one drives more readers.

It is a great chance to learn the geographic areas of the readers, so to be able to decide where to focus more of advertising and marketing efforts.

Publishers while creating and distributing magazines very often are interested in the future of the digital publications, the sales income, wish to know the time how the magazines will grow, and what’s more interesting, however, is discovering how people who are subscribed to their digital magazines are enjoying their experience.



Apart from getting online accurate detailed statistics, you may Download it as well to introduce to either your advertisers or sponsors if needed.

Online and offline statistics report, what else the publisher needs to grow his business and gain more and more readers!

To see how to download the Statistics report please click here.

Be sure that the results in the reports will certainly provide trustfulness and motivate your sponsors and advertisers which will help you better prepare for the future and build a better digital magazine.

New Mail Template Editor

Joomag is here with great news for all our Platinum users.

Mass Mailing, Multi-Branding feature, Awesome CRM: seems you have all the necessary tools to manage your contact base and promote your interactive digital magazines.

Time to create more mail template customization as Joomag provides another Awesome Editor to  create your campaign newsletters completely from blank and even edit all the system mails to send to your customers.

Four system emails that can totally be edited the way you wish.

  • New issue has been published;
  • Send single issue;
  • Magazine send subscription;
  • Thank you for subscribing.



If you’re not a designer, no worries, you can easily create your own mail template. Even if you lack experience, you can still create high quality, professional emails to send to your customers.  Our custom template editor lets you add editable content and image areas, as well as selectable colors and borders. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that whatever you’re building will appear in your customers’ inboxes.

One of the biggest advantages you may make use of is the drag and drop format. It allows you to enrich your mail template with simply adding texts, text boxes, image cards, buttons, social follow links and even magazines.

It is pretty easy, you simply drop the element into the place you want to modify then save your edits. Ability to edit texts and imagery is beneficial and even enjoyable.

Your custom templates can be used enabling you to promote your publications with minimum effort.

It is really Awesome!

We do hope that we will soon get a big thumbs up to Joomag R&D team for making this process painless, interesting, easy and user-friendly.

Odd-numbered pages

We are happy to introduce the availability of Odd-numbered pages for your magazines!

Now you can enjoy creating publications without having a strict even-numbered page count.

Please note that the odd-numbered pages are only available with digital versions.


Here at Joomag we listen to our publishers. Continue enjoying the wide range of innovative and new features we bring to our publishers!


Updated Knowledge Base

Great news!

Joomag just revamped its Help Center! The new, user-friendly site is designed beautifully–a gradient of colors and shadows that give it a three-dimensional feel, but is still easy to navigate.

Step-by-step tutorials are offered, giving a user a comprehensive understanding of the subject they inquired about. Questions are organized by topic, with a pertinent, visual icon for each. The topics are:

  • Embedding
  • Joomag Editor
  • Managing Magazines
  • PDF
  • Selling Magazines
  • Managing Subscribers
  • Getting Started
  • Viewer Customization
  • Educational Accounts
  • User Management
  • Manage Your Account


With subjects that have a lot of questions, more organization is implemented on their individual web pages. That way, users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Users can also post their own questions and a Joomag Employee will answer them as soon as possible.

A Frequently Asked Questions page is also available in the Help Center, which provides answers to popular questions. Next to it is the link to the Support Community that connects users with other customers and Joomag employees for assistance. The Joomag support email address and phone number are also given.

If one can’t find what they’re looking for, open a live chat with a Joomag employee or open a ticket, both links explicitly displayed at the bottom of the web page.

The Help Center is also offered in both English and German, which can be changed on the upper right hand corner, below the search bar. The search function has also been improved, and the loaded results come in sections, as well as clear top results.

Have any questions? Check out the Help Center to get them answered.

Joomag 24/7 Support

Fantastic News for all of our users!

Joomag Customer Support’s professional team members are now ready to provide immediate help and consistent answers to all your questions, take a professional approach to each of your concerns all throughout the 24 hours each day.

We have been welcoming all our loyal customers on board since 2009. The rapidly growing amount of Joomag publishers is the living proof that we do appreciate each of your comments and welcome your continued feedback as we constantly deliver new features, improve our service to assure you a worry – free experience.

Not only are we here for you every minute of every day, we constantly monitor all of our new released features , which allows us to identify and address issues before they become larger problems.

Availability 24/7, isn’t it perfect?


When you call the Joomag support team, you’ll speak to a person immediately.

Do you have a detailed support request that you want to put into writing?  You can submit a ticket through Help Desk any day, at any time and we will assist you right away.

Joomag Customer Support’s live chat service is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chat has quickly become the support option of choice for many Joomag users and we do hope the expanded coverage will make it even more convenient for all the users around the globe!

You are welcome to reach us whenever you encounter a problem, and frequently, if it happens outside of your normal work hours. You will definitely get a faster issue resolution and best support.

Joomag cares about each of its users and we are sure that your  feedback will be overwhelmingly positive.

Joomag: More Than A Creation Tool

A checklist for creating a publication looks something like this:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Style

Is there anything missing? Yes. 

Many people creating digital publications often choose platforms for their creation tools and often overlook a key factor needed to run a successful and thriving publication: distribution.  Without controlled distribution, many publishers can find their work going for naught.

Some publishers may want to blame readers with paid subscriptions for freely sharing their content, but they are not the culprits. The blame lies with both the publisher and the platform for not securing the distribution channel for each publication.

Here’s where Joomag provides publishers with a real advantage.


Aside from providing exciting, rich and interactive content, Joomag provides all publishers with a complete publishing cycle that includes distribution. This means that publishers using Joomag can choose the following privacy settings, depending on their plan:

  • Public allows viewing access to anyone looking up the publication online.
  • Unlisted allows anyone with a link viewing access.
  • Password Protected allows only those with a password viewing access.
  • Private allows only the account holder, or those with specific permission, viewing access.

Through Joomag’s “Awesome CRM” feature, publishers having the Platinum Plan can tailor their publications to specific readers to sign up, then view the magazine.  As an extra security precaution, Joomag also sends an access key to all readers with private and paid subscription so they can choose to access a publication from anywhere without having to log in.

In-App Purchase Available


That often becomes the key to earning extra money online.

With a new Joomag App Update, publishers whose subscriptions had to be paid through a browser now have an additional way to earn commission via the iOS App.

With the click of a button, paid online subscribers can now pay through the iOS App. All they need to do is log into their Joomag account and make the purchase. This convenience opens up an entirely new stream for publishers to earn additional commissions on their paid subscriptions.


We say, it’s about time you earn that extra commission on your awesome publication, don’t you?

The new Joomag Newsstand upgrade also includes a push notification option. So, instead of receiving an email when a new issue is available, subscribers now can be alerted by a push notification.

Just set up the app, and you’re on your way.

Download here:

Three New Subscription Options


Publishers looking for flexibility in their subscription choices need look no further than Joomag, where the company today introduced three additional subscription options. Instead of the annual-only subscriptions, Joomag now is catering to various publishing schedules, allowing publishers new avenues to increase revenue streams that also give both them and their readers the flexibility to control their online subscriptions.

Publishers can elect to offer subscriptions for two, three or six months, in addition to annual subscriptions.  Those electing two- month subscriptions must plan on publishing at least six issues, and three- month subscriptions require four issues to be published.  Those publishers with less than four issues would need to carry six-month or annual subscriptions.

Another key benefit to publishers choosing the flexible subscription packages is that they no longer have to create multiple magazines for different subscriptions. Now, they can manage different magazines under one title, thus improving efficiency and saving time.  With today’s announcement, Joomag is stepping up its leadership role.


“Subscription selling in today’s digital marketplace has to offer more flexibility than print,” said Joomag CEO Ruben Vardanyan. “Online readers are looking for these shorter-term commitments, and we’re delighted that we can address their needs as well as provide our publishers with additional options to increase their revenue stream”.

We hear you, “Joomag… Hooray!”

We say, “You are welcome.”


Twitter: joomag